When you’re launching a new product, it’s vital to make sure it stands out on the shelf. The packaging for your product is what will make it stand out, but more importantly, it is what will help your customers understand how to use it. Take a look at this article for three reasons why you should consider custom retail packaging for your product.

  1. Custom retail packaging will help you stand out on the shelf
  2. Custom retail packaging can help your customers understand how to use your product
  3. Custom retail packaging helps build your brand recognition

1. Custom retail packaging will help you stand out on the shelf

If you’re a small business owner, it’s a good idea to have a unique look for your products so you can stand out from the crowd of major brands. However, custom retail boxes are a great way to do that. Custom packaging not only makes your brand stand out from the competition but also makes your product easier to find on the shelf.

What is custom retail packaging?

In the US, myself included, we use the term custom a lot. But what does it mean? By custom, I mean that the developer or designer creates the container (the cardboard or bag) from your product specifications. The purpose of this is to make your products look, feel, and handle exactly like your product, but also allows you, as the retailer, to easily customize the product labels.

Want to go more in-depth on this? Here’s a pull-out of Sean’s presentation from MozCon 2014.

Custom retail packaging makes your website a better user experience

Let’s say you’re an eCommerce store with 400 products and need to make 200 of them stand out from the crowd of hundreds of products you have to offer. How do you at least minimize the possibility of people hitting your store page and abandoning your site before they even touch the product?

Traditionally, it’s all about making your label stands out more than your competitors’ label. There are lots of different ways to do this, but the practical way of doing it is by using cardboard. Glue drops, stickers, paper sleeves, vinyl want ads all help make your label stand out. But whatever you do, don’t just use a generic logo or a picture of your product. It needs to actually function. It should help people to buy the product, tapping into something more real and emotional than your logos.

Using cardboard is awesome, but what about fabric?

Personally, I love to use raffia tape. It’s simple, cheap, and lends itself to very creative applications such as branding and product design.

 2. Custom retail packaging can help your customers understand how to use your product

Custom retail packaging can also help your customers understand how to use your product. By giving instructions on how to use your product or a visual example of it being used, the customer can get the most out of your product and have a better customer experience.

Picture a store that has a ton of products they sell. They have endless versions of pickled vegetables, veggie burgers, and every variety of condiments known to man. Many customers may have a hard time walking through the aisles to find the live-specific veggie they are looking for if they don’t know what a pickled veggie looks like. However, they have all of these options available in their store, combined with a clear, easy-to-understand picture of what a vegetarian will actually use their product for.

Custom refill packaging has been around for years. You can find it on prescription drugs, high-end jewelry, and even used cars. It is similar to the type of screen-printed, laminated cards that many grocery stores and retailers use. These packs are refundable and can provide discounts on your purchase. Easy, right?

I am not sure about the scientific term “refillable,” but the fact that it is refillable shows that there is some type of recycling associated with these packs. Let me explain. Regular printed grocery store cards are a finite resource. After a certain number of months, there will be no more of them available. It isn’t practical to have them printed for every single product.

Then, there isn’t much point in it having to be re-written in each different color. All those cards would be crumpled and end up in the garbage anyway. With refillable packs, on the other hand, you can have a green color, say, and then have coordinating red and the store logo for the product. I believe that colors are more important than a logo, as showing that you are recycling can be good for your bottom line.

3. Custom retail packaging helps build your brand recognition

Custom printed retail packaging is a great way to make your products stand out on the shelf and build brand recognition. By customizing your packaging with your own designs and logo, you’re able to engage your consumers and help them associate your products with your brand. It’s also an effective way to showcase your brand and attract new customers.

One of the biggest differences between inbound marketing and eCommerce packaging is that inbound marketing requires you to think about your customers again. Brand messaging, imagery, and in-store displays are all related to conversion.

Unlike inbound marketing, many eCommerce websites offer limited stock and limited amounts of the product, especially for products you do not have any stock of. Thus, it’s important to optimize the packaging for the store’s product stock. One quick and easy way to do this is by designing and customizing the retail display and PR packaging.

Note that your website’s PR image and copy need to be optimized for the product you are promoting. The extended site or blog may also need significantly more space to ensure page strength, but this area of the website is outside the scope of this article.

When creating a custom retail graphic, you still need to think about the product’s features and benefits so that the graphic fits the product and is designed to sell the product. One example of this would be the case when we promote a product for women. It’s impossible to fit a 70 x 42cm graphic for the perfect photographs of this combination of products off the shelf. We have to create a custom graphic to cover as much of the front as we can.

If you want to find out more about designing a successful custom retail campaign, you can watch the Infographics Curated by Built visible, which gives you six tips for designing successful SEO infographics.


Whether you’re launching a new product or simply looking for ways to improve the one you already have, it’s important to consider custom retail packaging options. The right packaging printing service can help you achieve all of these goals and more!

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