Technology has been evolving at an unprecedented rate!  The most significant benefit that we all enjoy from this rapid evolution is the ease of communication today. However, even after things are so amazing with technology, we might still face challenges when communicating the right message to the right individual. 

One easy way to overcome this challenge is by leveraging SMS because it is no longer limited to text messaging and smartphones to send and receive SMS online. This way, we can enjoy enhanced reach, higher open rates, and exceptional response rates. However, we are unaware of many more benefits of online SMS. Therefore, come along as we explore the prevalent perks of online SMS. 

  • Communication Without Any Device: SMS online is unique because, unlike conventional SMS, we do not need any device to communicate our message to others. Instead, we will require a VMN or virtual mobile number, which works exactly like a private mobile number that we use daily. 

However, we do not even need a physical device in this case. One can rent or purchase a VMN from any reliable SMS provider and send or receive messages just as we do on our mobile phones. Any business can leverage this to market their product with just the virtual mobile number and an internet connection without purchasing any external hardware for the purpose.

  • Signal Strength Is No Longer A Concern: Of course, cell phone receptions are getting better every day, with all the 4G and 5G technologies making their way through the market. However, these technologies do not always cut it because our world is massive, and it can be challenging to install reception towers everywhere. 

This challenge is a concern not just for people living in rural areas but also in the world’s urban environments. However, with online SMS, all we need is a reliable WiFi connection which will ensure uncompromised connection no matter where we are, be it indoors, outdoors, or even in some other country. One can seamlessly manage every aspect of their online SMS marketing campaign with access to the internet. 

  • Manage Multiple Messages Simultaneously: We have all used email at some point, and online SMS is not very different from email. Just as in the case of emails, we can send and receive multiple messages at once with online SMS. We can further delete the messages, reply to the message, tag others, save them for later, or even divide them into different folders for easy management of the messages. 

Additionally, we can automatically filter all the incoming messages with the help of keywords which is great for anyone who receives numerous messages from different individuals or groups. Online SMS also enables us to track all our SMS marketing campaigns by using the filter option on keywords we receive when others reply to our messages.

  • Seamless Account Management In SMS Marketing: Most businesses that leverage online SMS generally require different people to share a single account to receive and send out messages. Such companies can leverage online SMS to ensure that all their staff can access the SMS account without hassle, even if working in different shifts. 

This way, one can boost their efficiency by allocating the SMS credits or dividing the staff members’ campaigns. Furthermore, we can ensure that we do not encounter any single point of failure. Even if one cannot make it to work, we can still access all their messages to ensure everything goes on without any disruption. Just a single virtual mobile number is enough to enable multiple employees to manage and access all the messages sent or received.

  • Hassle-Free Management Of Huge Volume Of Messages: Today, most businesses rely on outbound SMS marketing to reach out to their customers. However, that does not increase the conversion rate as much as the real-time two-way conversation. Empowering customers by replying to our messages is an excellent way to boost the conversion rate. 

Suppose we ask our customers to reply to our marketing campaign using any specified keyword to win a contest or avail a discount. So when the customers do reply, it will be much easier with online SMS to sort those messages enabling a business to send out appropriate answers in the proper time. This will make the customers feel more valued, further enhancing the chances of conversion.              

Bottom Line

Communicating about our brand and products has become very important today because of the increased competition in the current business environment. Therefore, it has become imperative that we deploy the right marketing strategies to stand out in the crowd and grab the customers’ attention. Online SMS is an excellent tool for this purpose as we can deliver a brand new shopping experience to customers by even using temp SMS online if needed.

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