Social media has revolutionized the digital marketing space. Social media was initially introduced as a tool to communicate with people or for some it was the source to connect to new people. But as social media started enjoying its popularity, businesses were keen to use it as their marketing weapon. It ensured them with a huge audience and cost-effective ways to market their products.

Often businesses restrict themselves within the boundaries of each social media platform, but there is an effective marketing strategy that allows you to use these platforms beyond the boundaries and that is to embed social media widgets to the website.

Social media widgets are the functional blocks on the website that help you to display social media feeds on your website. You can get social media widgets from social media aggregators. There are various social media aggregator tools in the market that provide you with the social media widgets that enable you to showcase social feeds on the website.

These tools are easy to use and provide you with an easy to operate. Moreover, most of these are coding-free, hence do not require any coding skill or knowledge. So even if you belong to a non-technical background you can still use these tools with ease.

You can embed social media widgets on the website with the help of these tools, without any hassle. Now, I must be wondering why we are emphasizing so much for this strategy. And being a marketer one should have an inquisitive mind. Hence, here are some of the reasons for the same. These reasons might convince you to use the social media widget for your website.

Benefits Of Embedding Social Media Widget On The Website

#1 Enhances the visuals of the website

Nowadays, businesses pay huge attention in adding charm to their websites in this digital age because websites are considered brand deputies. And what can be better than using colorful, vivid, and vibrant social media on Shopify, WordPress, Wix, Weebly and more website CMS, right?

Social media users are very creative in their space. They provide amazing and engaging content using the various features that different social media platforms provide. You can add them to your website with the help of social media widget and increase the visual appeal of your website and create a good impression in front of your visitors and potential customers.

#2 Increases visitors’ engagement on the website

The social media landscape contains ample content consisting of different types and different genres. People often use their creativity on social media and upload some amazing engaging and entertaining content. It keeps the views hooked to the particular social media platform.

You can bring the same charm to your website, just use social media widgets for that, display amazing content on your website and keep your visitors engaged with the scrollable and amazing content.

#3 Increases website traffic

As social media widgets can keep your visitors engaged and hooked on the website and moreover they look attractive that simple can help you in increasing website traffic. And when there is more website traffic, it simply means, there are more chances of sales. And eventually helps you to attain more brand recognition and reputation. It simply helps you in achieving your business goals and establishes your brand and online presence.

#4 Presents social proof

A rational customer always looks for social proof and review before making a purchase decision because the customer does not want to invest on the product/brand that does not stand on their expectations. And what can be a better judge of the product than current users? Social media users often provide reviews and social proofs on the platform which eventually helps the business and with the help of social media widgets you can showcase them on your website.

Social proof often encourages people to buy products from a certain brand, so why restrict social proofs to the platforms only. You can extract more benefits from this marketing maneuver with the help of social media widgets.

You also use social media widget to showcase reviews. How can it be helpful? – People often explore various other websites and platforms to read reviews. And as they have ample of chives in the market they often end up buying from competitive brands. Hence, by providing them with reviews on your website you can hold them and eventually convince them to buy from your brand. Also it helps you to appear transparent in front of your visitors and improve your market reputation

#5 Establish social media presence 

Social media widget also provides a sneak into your social media presence. So if someone is unaware of your social media existence they get to know about it and also they have the option to follow you on respective social media platforms, strengthening your social media presence.

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Embedding a social media widget to the website is an amazing way to add great charm to your website and create a positive impression, and we all know all these factors help a business to attain their objectives and establish themselves in the market. So what are you waiting for? Embed social media widget to your website, now!


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