One of the questions about waxing that usually disturb many people is, how long does wax last? However, waxing is always essential since you won’t have a feeling of removing your hair daily. Using waxing will make your skin so smooth, and it is why you need to try it. 

Many people prefer to use waxing other than tweezing or shaving. It is because waxing helps prevent your ingrown hair that may be emerging daily. It also helps prevent the causes of ingrown hairs. The question is, how long does a wax last? It depends on your growth cycle and the type of hair that you have. Generally, it might take three to six weeks. 

However, many factors determine how long does a wax last. Some of them may be genetics, your age, hormonal levels, etc. Going for frequent waxing may also make your hair follicles weaker than usual. And it is known to be one of the waxing side effects.

Types of waxing and how it works

The waxing provider will remove hair from the roots. There are many benefits that you will enjoy from waxing, especially if you choose a professional provider. Waxing comes in two major types, namely, hot wax and cold wax. Waxing brands are also available in different colors and scents.

Meaning of hot wax

Hot wax involves the use of heated wax at a temperature of 40 to 50 degrees Celsius. You can use a wooden spatula to apply to your skin and let it cool to get hard. The waxing professional will then remove the wax together with the hair. The procedure is always similar to this one. 

For instance, the professional wax provider will apply the wax and then put a strip over it. They will then remove the strip with the hair wax. The procedure is always simple like that. 

Meaning of cold waxing

Cold waxing is always suitable for the upper lip region. It usually comes in strips for a specific area. You will apply the strip on the affected area and pull it off after some time. You go for a cold waxing since it is suitable at home. However, you may need to do several cold waxing procedures for better results.

For how long does a wax last?

Waxing usually leads to long-lasting results. How you need to go for it after every three to six weeks. You may experience faster hair growth in specific areas than in other parts—for example, underarms, upper lips, and eyebrows. The best part of it is that frequent waxing leads to more fine and thinner hair.

The frequency of waxing also determines how long does a wax last. It is because the type of hair growth is dependent on it. You’re likely to lose hair if you do waxing after every two to four weeks. With this, you will experience long-lasting results. 

In most cases, regular hair removal usually leads to the destruction of hair follicles. It can also cause a reduction of hair follicles, thus stopping the growth of hair. Answering the question, how long does a wax last will also depend on your age, medications, hormones, etc.

The seven helpful tips to make your wax last longer. You need to follow various tips if you want to have long-lasting results from waxing. Here, we will discuss the seven most important tips that you need to know. They include;

1. Take a break from shaving

If you want long-lasting results from waxing, then you should avoid shaving. It will help you stay longer with your waxing. Hence you will not have to go for the procedure after every two to four weeks. It is one of the best tips you can use to obtain long-lasting waxing results.

2. Ensure that your hair is of the right length

Generally, the wax therapist will prescribe your hair growth to be eight to two inches long. This should be evident before you go for the wax. For this reason, try to visit a salon anytime your hair grows.

3. Begin your exfoliation process a few days before the waxing procedure

If you want to get the best results, you need to go for waxing with clear skin. You shouldn’t apply any makeup, lotions, or creams.

4. Take ibuprofen 20 minutes before the waxing process

You may experience some pain during the waxing procedure. Because there is the removal of hair from the roots. For that reason, you need to take ibuprofen to help relieve pain during the procedure.

5. Avoid the intake of caffeine before waxing

Caffeine may lead to extreme pain during the waxing procedure. It is, therefore, advisable that you don’t take it if you are preparing to go for waxing. Try to make your skin smooth and hair-free.

6. Avoid waxing on your own

It is usually advisable to go for waxing in a nearby salon. You will receive the best results from the professional waxing esthetician.

7. Ask for waxing after-care services from your esthetician 

It will make you obtain the perfect results that will make your skin feel delicate and smooth.

Summing up

If you have been wondering how long does a wax last, then you’ve read the best article that is suitable for your understanding. You now know that the waxing period depends on several factors such as age, hormones, the type of your hair, etc. However, if you want long-lasting results, then observe the tips we’ve listed above.

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