Live Streaming is a concept that has been gaining maximized prevalence in various industries. Even generally, people involved in mass communication of different kinds, including social media masters, have been using the feature of Live Streaming in their daily lives. Clearly, it has become a go-to option for people and associations looking forward to having highly interactive communication with their target audience. here know about the features of the Live Streaming Platform. 

Nonetheless, as we move towards the professional aspect of live streaming, it’s best to choose an advanced live video streaming platform. A high-level service is resourced with the top features that help you enhance your reach as well as help you meet the outcome you expect. However, to host a successful virtual event streaming, it is significant to choose the most suitable platform that meets all your requirements.

In this blog, we will walk you through some of the top features that every live streaming platform must have. Let us begin by assisting you to understand the basics.

What is a Live Streaming Platform?

A Live Streaming Platform is a professional service committed to providing the users with exceptionally advanced features that can take your regular live stream to a whole new creative level. In simpler terms, a live streaming platform is what you need to reach greater heights of accomplishment.

Benefits of Using a Professional Live Streaming Platform

While coming live to interact with your audience is a one-click job through social media, it is vital to get on board with an advanced service to attain a better professional impact. Many businesses and associations have begun to use these services for training, product launches, demonstrations, sales, events, and other purposes. And, to interact & engage with your target audience in the best way possible, it is significant to use an advanced service. It not only helps you promote your brand more efficiently but also facilitates you with assistance in maximizing its reach on a global level.

Top Features of a Live Streaming Platform

#1 360-Degree Streaming

The feature of immersive 360-degree streaming brings more value to your content. Also, it helps you keep your attendees engaged in the event streaming by captivating their attention with an exceptional virtual experience. The speciality of 360-degree features is still fresh in the streaming market, but the most advanced platforms already have it. Choosing a service that provides you with this feature will help you build a whole new & fun experience for your global target audience.

#2 Customized Branding

Customized branding is one of the most advantageous features of a live streaming service. The traditional format of live streaming is like a video chat version, except that in this case, you can connect with an unlimited number of attendees. But as you collaborate with a professional service, you also get the feature of customized branding that enables branding functions over the screen itself. For corporate live streaming, this feature can be of exceptional use.

For example, you can represent your brand logo on the corner of your screen, change the background according to your requirements, add the title or theme of your event on the bottom, etc. All in all, you can enhance your event streaming prominently with the help of a streaming service.

#3 Flexible Personalization

The most advanced and experienced live streaming platforms come with the excellent capability of personalizing your live event the way you desire. For example, Dreamcast is a renowned live streaming service provider that offers you the most scalable features. All you have to do is ask and share your requirements, and the platform will do it for you. Dreamcast is a live streaming platform that has more than ten years of experience in the industry and has master-level knowledge of the field. The feature of flexible personalization renders you with the opportunity to design your event the way you like.

#4 Social Media Integration

The most suitable platform for your live stream is the one that provides you with excellent third-party integrations. Of which, social media is the most important one. For example, in the case of a product launch, you would wish to reach as many target audiences as possible. However, it is possible that some of them do not use the platform you are streaming on. Therefore, the best option is to stream your event on multiple social media platforms. Hence, choose a platform that is capable of streaming your event on all social media sites.

#5 Monetization of Video Stream

There are times when your target audience is willing to pay for the live streaming content and in some cases, this is a vital aspect too. One of the many methods to monetize the content is to use the pay-per-view model. People are also inclined to pay for video content that streams without ads. Therefore, the feature of monetization can be of great use for any corporate live streaming or 2-way conferencing.

#6 Powerful Content Delivery Network or CDN

The content delivery network is another significant aspect of live streaming services. A live virtual event streaming or usual live streaming means the host is reaching out to its global target audience present at diverse remote locations. Hence, a strong network plays a big role in efficient streaming services. A powerful CDN lets you share the multimedia through the live stream at a reliable and fast pace. It also enables you to reach millions of viewers with top-notch efficacy.

#7 Excellent Interactive Opportunities

Interactivity works like a charm when it comes to communicating and connecting with the masses. Especially, it is more significant when captivating your attendees’ attention and keeping them engaged in the event is a task to do. The most advanced live streaming platforms are well equipped with the top interactive and engagement tools like live polls, reactions, comments, etc. Therefore, make sure the platform that you choose for your virtual event live streaming is well-resourced with the most innovative and advanced interactive features. This way, you can not only keep your attendees engaged but also enhance the quality and reach of your event.

Go on and host a memorable live stream. For expert opinions and assistance, reach out to Dreamcast today!


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