Let us be true to ourselves. Thousands of ransomware attacks have been happening in the crypto world, and there always remains a fear around. A ransomware attack locks up all the data in a targeted system and releases it after the victim pays some ransom. The amounts paid are generally hefty. Because it is quite difficult to track down cryptocurrencies, ransomware attacks are profitable and hackers perform them pretty often. However, recently, experts are turning towards blockchain file storage as an efficient solution. A lot is being expected from such types for storage. Below, we will learn about them. 

What Is The Blockchain File Storage?

Each category of a computer system comes with its own storage. Even when we deal with a regular PC or a laptop, we store a file that runs on a particular file system. The file system is responsible for the creation, updation and deletion of a file. However, when it comes to blockchains, they have a decentralized file system. There are different types of decentralized storage available in the world of cryptocurrencies. Many are outdated, and some are advanced. Overall, there are three solid types on which you can rely. We will be talking about all these three systems below.

1. Scattered Storage

In this approach, the data ends up scattering in several places, probably a hundred places.  The goal of this type of storage is to let an attacker compromise several places while searching for the file. Also, in every case, the attacker has to deal with a totally different protocol. But if the blockchain system itself has some vulnerability, the scattered storage might not work at all. On the other hand, if its architecture is reliable, companies could go for this approach. Hackers could find it tedious to obtain each piece of data scattered. Consequently, the attacker may give up.  

2. Distributed Copies

This approach is similar to the scattered storage, but the places are nodes now. The complete architecture is developed here with trustlessness. And this is the approach that will make many things difficult for the attacker. When an organization stores the data of their clients, it is not aware of what it is storing. Organizations do not have any right to decrypt the data. As the pieces of data increase, the number of nodes increases. That is much like storing data in cloud storage. But the data here exists in the decentralized environment. Distributed copies approach is enough to confuse the attacker. 

3. Flipping The Script

Flipping the script is an extra distributive approach in the world of blockchains. The organizations using this type of storage allow users to control data. It is also an approach where corporations reduce their liabilities and profit when users manage their data. One benefit is that you can check out your login credentials whenever you or someone tries to log in. The most suitable blockchain system used for Flipping The Script approach is Siachain. Attackers face difficulty while erasing your data, and when they attempt to do it, you could sense. The attacking model’s scalability gets killed here. 

Other Ways To Keep Yourself Safe

One most important thing to understand is that system upgrade is necessary from time to time. Cybersecurity firms follow some standards among which, this one is popular. So, if you are storing your cryptocurrencies in a wallet and connecting it to the system, the system itself should be secure. A majority of attacks occur because systems use outdated software. Sometimes, when you open a suspicious link, you become a victim easily. If an anonymous personality asks to disclose the details, do not ever respond. Hackers could reach you through texts and calls to appear more genuine. 


You should install an antivirus program. If installed, keep it updated. Your crypto wallet does not need a specific antivirus program. A normal but updated antivirus software is still enough to protect from ransomware attacks. Besides this, make sure you do not download stuff from unreliable sources. If you want, use Virtual Private Networks to boost your security. VPNs keep you away from most of the attacks happening in the cyber world. Some companies offer anti-ransomware software. But they still struggle against the attacks. Data protection remains at its best with well-updated antivirus software. Do not ever ignore it. 

Final Thoughts

Approach a crypto platform if you want crypto news and security updates. You also know several terms like HODL, FUD, FOMO. Even if you know HODL meaning, you might not be aware of other things related to it. Just like that, if you are aware of the latest security updates, you are unaware of the upcoming ones. Ransomware attacks are occurring now and then. Even the best security has vulnerabilities. However, blockchain file storage is something you should look for. All these three protect clients when implemented correctly by the organizations. You can benefit from them after paying some charges.


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