The Al Rahma Mosque, also renowned as the Floating Mosque, is one of the most iconic mosques and local monuments in Jeddah. It is also famous as the Fatima Al-Zahra Mosque, is located on the northern edge of Jeddah’s seafront and spans a vast 2,400 square meters. A low-walled bridge over the Red Sea anchors the impressive edifice to the sandy coast. Lots of Umrah and Hajj pilgrims tour this masjid all year since Jeddah is the entrance to the holy towns of Mecca and Medina. Pilgrims usually avail long 21 nights Umrah packages to perform Umrah calmly and to visit all the historical landmarks. Aside from pilgrims, its architectural grandeur and symbolic heritage draw visitors from all over the world. Al Rahma Mosque has become a prime fascination of Jeddah sightseeing and is rated as one of the town’s most renowned must-see monuments. Most visitors and residents like strolling all along Jeddah Corniche to truly appreciate the mosque’s splendor, particularly at twilight and dawn.

Exquisite Architecture of the Al Rahma Mosque

Masjid Al Rahma is distinguished by a domed aquamarine roof as well as a sparkling white minaret. It has an outstanding traditional Islamic structure with a modern architectural aesthetic touch. In relation to the main dome, it has 52 surrounding domes that contribute to its majesty. The innards of this stunning edifice are equally as striking as its exterior walls, exuding luxury and grandeur. The main arch with an ornate chandelier is supported by eight powerful pillars, offering the mosque a sense of resilience and elegance. Its hallway is decorated with ancient Andalusian motifs. The Al Rahma Mosque’s walls are adorned with both modern and classical Islamic artistry, which adds to its radiance. Its roof has a magnificent ring of tinted glassware that floods the whole hall with golden sunshine in the day. It also includes 56 ground-level vaulted windows through which worshippers may enjoy the wonderful vistas of the sea outside.

There are 23 peripheral umbrellas, each with verses from the Holy Quran perforated internally and externally. Masjid Al Rahma has a women’s prayer space with a top-class wooden structure. Digital displays with cutting-edge sound, lighting, and air-conditioning equipment assist worshippers in offering regular prayers. The mosque has a beautiful open square where worshippers may enjoy the tranquility provided by the breathtaking coastline landscapes, fresh sea wind, and relaxing melodies of the ocean. The salinity of the sea and meteorological conditions were considered when building the mosque. The materials, which are made of separated iron and resilient cement, protect the structure from the effects of algal species.

Facilities Available at The Mosque

The Al Rahma Mosque is completely operational and well-liked by both worshippers and visitors. It has nice worshiping spaces as well as a large meditation space that can handle a significant proportion of individuals during daily prayers. Throughout prayers, males congregate in the hallway, while women worship in the timber musalla that hangs over the central chamber. The mosque grounds also have hygienic restrooms and ablution facilities for tourists. Visitors arriving in private automobiles can park in the parking provided nearby.

Ideal Time to Visit Fatima Al-Zahra Mosque

The Al Rahma Mosque, like other tourist hotspots in Jeddah, is freely accessible. It is free for everyone, be it, children, adults, elderly people, as well as families. During 5 prayer times of the day, the mosque gets extremely busy. Whether they are tourists or believers, all people must maintain the sacredness of the mosque during their stay. The best times to tour the masjid are at sunrise and sunset when the sea vistas are beautiful and the air is refreshing. When scheduling their travel, non-Muslim travelers often skip prayer hours. Visitors must explore the mosque during rising tides to soak in the breathtaking sights, as the mosque appears to float.

In Short,

Jeddah’s tourist attractiveness is greatly enhanced by the floating mosque. Huge numbers of people are drawn to the splendor of the Al Rahma Mosque. People may readily visit the mosque by public or private transportation because it is located in Jeddah. When reaching Jeddah, travelers also include this mosque in their list. In Jeddah and around the mosque, there are several places to stay and dine.


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