The world is rapidly going digital. Therefore, regardless of size and industry, your business absolutely needs a website.

In order to get a website, you will be faced with a major choice between Custom Website Development in UAE and an “off-the-shelf” solution. The latter option may seem lucrative, but if you look deeper, you’ll see the obvious benefits of custom web development. Let’s review.

Custom web development vs. off-the-shelf solutions

Custom web development is defined as development for a specific client based on their requirements. This is opposed to using a free website builder or a free design template, which can give you a standard off-the-shelf website – but is it really ready for all the challenges?

It should be noted that the level of free website builder matters. There are established content management systems (CMS) and platforms such as Drupal, WordPress, Magento, Laravel, etc.

Thanks to them, we rarely talk about Custom Website Development in UAE today because it is a website created from a blank slate using a bare-bones programming language like PHP. CMSs serve as a good foundation for websites and speed up delivery.

Custom web development on the basis of these CMSs is very effective and flexible. Good examples are custom Drupal module development or custom WordPress plugin development to suit any client’s idea. So, of course, we put this type of development in the first category of today’s “custom web development vs. off-the-shelf solutions” comparison.

Benefits of  Custom Website Development in UAE

With custom web development, your website will be exactly the way you want it to be and the way you want it to be. This means unique steps for users to interact with your website, workflows for your staff, third-party integrations needed for your business, and more. No strings attached. You are not tied to the limitations of existing solutions.

Better performance thanks to optimized functionality

When you get a standard website from an online website building platform, it usually has a set of features that you can’t get rid of. Unused and redundant features can put an extra burden on your website’s performance.

Custom web development solves this problem by giving you exactly what you need, nothing less and nothing more. For example, a custom Drupal module can replace several free modules because it was created specifically for you. This improves performance, prevents conflicts, eliminates complexity, and provides for the smooth operation of your website.

When it comes to website performance, we should note that there are more opportunities to improve it in Custom Website Development in UAE as well.

Better Website Performance

Website performance brings more benefits, such as.

Longer session times

Improved user experience

More conversion rates and profits

Better search engine optimization

Increased customer satisfaction

Exclusive design for your brand image

If you use one of the free website templates or themes, there is a great chance that it will be used by a large number of other websites.

In addition, simple website builder software usually allows you to make some design customizations – choose background colors, change hero images, and similar things. However, these customizations are very limited and there is no room for the web designer to work creatively.

Custom web development and design services can build your brand image and increase its visibility. Experts can use the latest design techniques without being limited by any framework. Your custom design can start right from the beginning – from defining the prototype of your website architecture.

Unlimited growth opportunities

Startup owners may feel that a standard website is enough for them. But this is exactly when you need to stand out!

Time flies and business keeps growing. Unfortunately, websites built on a simple website building platform rarely have the opportunity to scale. They lack what is called “scalability”. With custom web development, your website grows exactly the size and the way you want it to. It can be prepared for new challenges, such as accepting larger traffic, etc.

The freedom to make any change

These days, new technological trends appear frequently. Web Development Agency Dubai UAE gives you complete freedom to follow them, as well as to implement any new business idea. Your website can be modified or remodeled at any time to meet your new requirements.


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