Best Living Room Curtains

When it comes to choosing living room curtains, first consider the look and feel of the room. Modern or traditional? Long, elegant panels or short designer swags? Once you have a general idea of what you want your new curtains to look like, grab a measuring tape and take accurate measurements of the windows. This will ensure that when you purchase your new drapes they will fit just right. Also do not forget to measure them ‘hanging’, which takes into account both curtain rod positioning as well as any trim or molding that frames the window. Next, choose a fabric. If you are looking for something casual go with cotton or linen… Want more??

Accentuate Your Living Room With a Touch of Color

Best Living Room Curtains – If you’re looking to add a splash of color-or even bright primary or secondary shades-to your living room, then definitely consider going with curtains in the living room. Not only do they provide an excellent backdrop for everything else that you plan on doing in the head, but they are also incredibly easy to change out when the mood strikes. You can find all types of window treatments made from different fabrics and designed for almost any budget!

Nowadays, there is more than one way to make your house stand out. One way is to decorate it using modern designs so that it will look really classy- sophisticated yet unique and distinctive from other houses. To make it more interesting and spectacular, you can also use modern designs in decorating your house. This will surely give a dramatic touch to the interior design of your house. For this purpose, curtains in the living room are always the best option to go for. You will be able to see many photos of modern houses with unique curtains which have made their interiors very impressive and eye-catching.

Modern Designs Curtains

Finally, you can use curtains in the living room as well as a dining room to get that elegant appearance on them both. Using modern designs such as contemporary or transitional styles with bright colors and bold patterns or even one-color tones with small prints will help you get that amazing look!

 Living Room Curtains Types

Curtains are one of the most common types of window treatments and among the simplest to understand. Curtains are hung on each side of a window, covering it from top to bottom in order to keep out cold air when closed and block bright light when open. Decorative curtains can also be used for decorative purposes; such as creating a canopy effect overhead or adding an elegant backdrop for furniture placed beneath them.

Most interior designers agree that if you have trouble choosing living room curtains, go with a color close to your walls’ color. Typically the curtain should hit about 6 inches above your windowsill so that you can create layers, make your windows look taller than they actually are, and not interfere too much with the frame itself. Depending upon how formal your room is and how large the windows are, you can hang curtains from the ceiling to about 1 foot above the floor. One important tip is to hang living room curtains all at once so that they look uniform and symmetrical.

People like to feel comfortable in their living room, which is why it is always best to hang curtains that not only look pretty but also feel nice. You can use lightweight and soft materials for your living room curtain panels, and those made from cotton or linen are very popular choices. Be sure to pick only fabrics that are sturdy enough so they don’t fall apart when coming into contact with moisture. As a rule of thumb, it is better if you choose natural fibers because they tend to be more durable than artificial ones.

Evolution Of Living Room Curtains

Curtains (also known as “draperies”, especially in the United States) were used as early as 3000 for both privacy and insulation by the Egyptians. Furthermore, early curtains were solely functional- made with a single purpose in mind and built to last only as long as their usefulness remained. This all changed with the Victorian age of England when curtains became more about aesthetics than practicality; thus began the era of drapes.

In most cases, living room curtains are a flat piece of cloth that hangs from one or more traverse rods on either side of a window in order to cover it completely. Curtains come in many styles: from formal and elegant ones such as swags and jabots that add sophistication and opulence to any décor to standard Roman shades which also look great but provide little privacy compared to other types. These days, you also find grommet top curtains as well as those that are semi-translucent, allowing just enough light to enter the room while still blocking direct sunlight.

Best Living Room Curtains Tips

In addition to functionality, you’ll want your living room curtains to coordinate with the rest of your décor and create a relaxing ambiance in which you can kick back and relax after a long day at work or school. For this purpose, it is always best if you choose colors close to those already found in your house for maximum visual compatibility. Furthermore, it’s best if you avoid getting extremely dark drapes because they tend to swallow too much natural light from entering the room and making it appear gloomy even when there’s plenty of suns outside.


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