Instant messenger chat apps are the latest replacement for the usual call and text messaging service. There are tons of options available for the user thus survival of the fittest is the basic logic behind the selection. Though most of the apps have the same features, some peculiar characteristics made it easy to choose from them. For example when one wants end-to-end encryption with speedy service then you go to Viber. Viber app is gaining slow popularity among the worldwide instant messenger chat apps community. The things are like a combination of social media and instant messenger chat app.

It is compatible with both iOS users and android users as well.

It is a cross-platform app thus liked by many people belonging to every age group. The main purpose of this app was to introduce a tool for connecting with friends and family or for entertainment purposes. But slowly it is reaching its abilities to use as a business app as well. You can use this app to send text, stickers, emojis, audio or video clips, other media file, make audio or video calls, and much more. Main reason behind the recent popularity is its assurance to provide safety and end-to-end encryption. There is no chance that any third party can get your chat details or call record thus people who are sensitive about their data prefer to use the Viber app.

Now comes to all the what if’s  and aftermath

  • What if your kid is being threatened or bullied on the Viber app but you don’t know anything?
  • What if the teenager joins an adult group or starts posting adult content on the public channel? How will you know
  • What if your employees waste useful working hours chatting and you know nothing about it?
  • What if any of your employees are sharing confidential information in the form of an image or video file with irrelevant people?
  • What if employees are saying evil things behind your back?
  • There are dozens of what-if and other reports and you are unfamiliar with.

The evolution of all the above-mentioned problems is one, Use of the Viber spy app the OgyMogy. Only a spy app can help us save from the drastic side effects of the obsessive use of instant messenger chat apps. If you want to know about the digital life of your teen, want a backup of your chat, or keep the employee away from personal use of instant messenger chat apps then OgyMogy Viber spy app can help you.

  1. Get your favorite bundle and prepare to install the app
  2. The bundle can be a monthly deal, seasonal for six months, or and yearly package.
  3. No OgyMogy offers all the advanced features for all three bundles. Unlike many other apps, there is no discrimination of basic or advanced features for monthly or yearly deals. You can enjoy all the features without any problem.
  4. Once you have finalized the bundle you want, then you can simply install it into the target device by following simple steps.
  • The installation needs conditions to be fulfilled. First, you must have physical access to the target device at the time of installation.
  • Second, the target device must not be password encrypted.
  1. You have installed the app now you are good to go, enjoy tracking.
  2. You can spy on the Viber and know about all the activities without letting the target know.
  3. Getting into the Viber chat app is now much easy.
  4. Read the chat messages and know what kind of language or code words the target use in the Viber app.
  5. You can check the public channel updates and find out about the content thoroughly and remotely with the Viber spy app.
  6. Monitor the incoming and outgoing audio and video call record as well with complete date and time information.

If you are worried about the fact that it might be illegal to use the android spy app then you are wrong. It is fine to use the app when you are using it for your teenager, or an employee(through the company-owned device.)


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