A pocket knife is a multifunctional tool that you can keep with you on all occasions. In line with the American tradition, the folding knife finds its place in a pocket, a bag, on a belt. He accompanies you on a daily basis: during meals, crafts, walks, etc. A pocket knife is a personal object, it is important to refer to the criteria that will give you complete satisfaction to choose it well.

A comfortable folding knife

Like kitchen, table or other knives, the material of which the handle of a folding knife is made is essential. The handle size should also be taken into consideration.

The handle, the different materials

Right-hand or left-hand, intend for a man, a woman or even a young adult? Choosing your  damascus pocket knife means ensuring the best comfort when handling. You will have to choose different materials:

  • Wood: simple essences will satisfy neophytes while noble essences such as ebony will accompany discerning connoisseurs and collectors in search of high-end products.
  • Resin: it guarantees excellent hold and portends the manufacturer’s ability to create unique models.

The length of the handle, a criterion of comfort

It is according to your morphology that you can choose the right length. Indeed, we consider the following standards to choose the right pocket knife:

  • For a man: the length of the handle is 12 cm.
  • A woman: close knife, the recommend dimension is 11 cm.
  • For children age 10: the ideal length of the handle is 10 cm.

An efficient pocket knife blade

The blade of a pocket knife should be design to provide a good edge. The pocket knife is typically all-terrain. It adapts to all situations. This is the reason why you must be careful about the quality of the blade.

Damascus steel, a guarantee of quality

Damascus steel is an alloy of several steels. It is the prerogative of cutlery artisans who perfectly master the design. The damask gives, moreover, resistance and an exceptional edge.

The length of the blade determines its use and reliability.

Between 7 and 10 cm, this is the most common dimension. Indeed, it is enough to give the knife good solidity while remaining functional in all circumstances.

Safety, an essential element

Sharpness, aesthetics, comfort are important elements of appreciation. Nevertheless, security is imponderable. If the conditions of use are the subject of flexible legislation regarding the use of a pocket knife, it is essential to choose a folding knife that protects you from any incident or clumsiness. To do this, the opening and locking systems are part of the selection criteria for your pocket knife.

The opening system

It is intend to facilitate the opening of your pocket knife and there are different kinds. You will choose between these different alternatives the one which seems to you the most ergonomic.

  • The thumb stud is materialize by a button-shape protuberance on the blade. In fact, it is place on the left part of the blade so that the user of the knife can easily open it by pulling on the lug. For left-handed or ambidextrous, some knives have a button on each side of the blade.
  • The pinball machine is a pin that is locate under the knife at the level of the junction between the handle and the blade. With a simple gesture of the thumb, you can open your pocket knife.
  • The thumbhole, as the name suggests, is a hole in the blade. Just insert your thumb into it to open the blade of your folding knife.
  • The Nail Nick is probably the most famous opening system. This is a slot made on the blade through which you open your knife by positioning a fingernail in this notch.

The blocking system

Of course, a pocket knife must be equip with a system that prevents it from closing unexpectedly. There are several kinds of locking systems.

    • The liner lock: it is a rod that blocks the blade of the knife when it is open. You should move this rod each time you want to close your knife.
  • The framelock: it is integrate into the handle of the knife, and prevents it from being open accidentally.
  • The ferrule: is a metal ring position between the blade and the handle that is turn when the knife is open so that it cannot be close. This is a system traditionally use for the design of the artisanal pocket knife.

Where to buy a pocket knife?

If you want a unique and well-made pocket knife, there is no doubt that an artisan cutler will meet your expectations.

Expertise and tradition

A craftsman cutler perpetuates ancestral know-how which has prove its worth. The materials are carefully chosen and work to offer you a high-end folding knife. It combines art and style so that your pocket knife will perform well for many years to come.

A unique pocket knife

For lovers of works of art, the cutler craftsman shapes unique models thanks to skills acquire patiently. What a pleasure to hold and use your knife, of which you are the only owner. A knife with an irreproachable edge that you will enjoy pampering.

Advice and regular maintenance

Your knife deserves the best, only a craftsman cutler will give you the best advice and offer you regular maintenance of your folding knife.

You plan to give or treat yourself to a pocket knife, take pleasure in discovering how it is design and share the passion of the craftsman who forges it. Among the different models, you will find the handcraft pocket knife with which you will share special moments.

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