Today newseveryday has bought list of coolest gadgets for you that you can use in your car.

Car Cleaning putty

With their claims that it can clean 97 per cent of dirt and crumbs from awkward crevices, the car cleaning putty is designed to get into tricky spots where dust can gather in your car. Simply knead the cleaning gel into a ball and press it slowly into the car vents and other difficult to reach gaps, and when you pull it out the dirt should come with it.

Made from high-tech cleaning gel material, it’s skin friendly, non-sticky, and has a lavender fragrance. It’s reusable up to the point where the gel starts to darken in colour.

HD Dash-Cam

If you’re looking for the additional security of a camera to keep track of the road in the event of an accident, the NEXTBASE dash cam will do the trick. It features a 140 degree wide-angle lens which will capture everything in HD right down to the finest details including car models and number plates.

In the case of an emergency it can send out an SOS, using the built-in GPS to notify the emergency services of your exact location, as well as relevant medical information such as your blood type. It will even remain active while you’re not in the car thanks to the parking mode which will record any movement around your unattended car, so you can review the footage if you spot a new bump of scrape.

Wireless Car Charger Mount

Smartphones are becoming smarter with every passing day and have taken over the functions of many of the top-selling gadgets like iPods, cassette players, compact video cameras, and a computer! The handheld maps are also becoming more and more detailed, which have also started to eat up on dedicated map-centric car gadgets from Garmin and TomTom.

So buying a sturdy car mount is a wise option that can do both navigation and entertainment duties in a car. This mount also gets a Qi wireless charging pad, that allows you to charge compatible android and apple smartphones even with cases that are 0.2 inches thick. It can be mounted on the dashboard, windshield, and even the air-vents, using either the air-vent clamp or reusable and washable gel suction cup. It has a 360-degree rotating ball joint and 210-degree adjustable telescoping arm, that allows you to position it n the most comforting position

Auto Android

Google-made Android Auto is our top choice for taking over your car’s infotainment system. It brings voice control, Google Maps, hands-free access to calls and messages, and a slew of apps like GPS, music, and podcasts, all to your car’s dashboard. If you are an iphone(ios) user & lover like iphone 13, 12 or any other model; unfortunalely that gadget is not suitable for you.

(Android Auto doesn’t currently require a head unit or a car that supports it. You simply mount your phone or tablet on the dash and skip the fancy hardware by using an app. But Google is killing that function in Android 12 for safety reasons. Instead, it wants you to use Google Assistant if you can’t get Android Auto support.)

Wireless Charging Car Vent Mount

Holding a phone is the basic job of a vent-mounted phone holder. The Kenu Airframe goes the extra mile with built-in 10W Qi wireless charging. It’s smart enough to turn off when the temp goes up (always a potential problem in a hot car). There’s a 4-foot cable that goes to the 12V DC car charger, which includes an extra USB port for friends to use. For more, check out our roundup of The Best Car Phone Mounts.

These ideas are by Samuel Badree marketing manager for He thinks wireless charging is the best gadget in 2021.

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