A custom bag is a perfect way to display your brand message and protect your product inside. These sachets are ideal for food, herbs and supplements and are known in the industry for their strength, durability and longevity. These custom printed mylar bags, generally known as “mylar bags”, are a great option to keep your product safe while highlighting your brand on the outside.


Each of these bags we produce is made with our own branded models and printed with rich and dynamic colors. With our experience and expertise in the printing industry, we are able to deliver an excellent product, which is an ideal way to share your brand message abroad and keep the content inside.

Why do you need custom printed mylar bags?

High-quality odor-resistant bags are ideal for packing delicate items that may require additional odor protection or a barrier. These bags are not only great for securing your product, but also another great way to market your product to your audience. Some of the added benefits of our bags include:


Brand Awareness 

A successfully designed bag and branding are another marketing tool you can use to improve your customer relationship and continue to build and nurture new customers.


Child Probable Features.

Opaque appearance, odor blocking properties and resalable design make these bags an excellent choice for children.


Resistant to odor and moisture

The materials that make up our bags help to delay the entry of moisture and oxygen into the bag.


Secure sealing

The secure, zippered seal feature provides an easy open / resalable closure that secures and protects the contents inside, keeping it cool and secure. We also offer standard push-to-close options and other child-resistant zippered covers.


Custom Option

Choose from a variety of materials and finishing options, available in many durable materials, including recyclable, in-store and recyclable films. Customize the options to suit your brand, such as on-site embellishments such as holograms / glosses or your choice of glossy or matte varnishes.


Design your own Mylar bags today

Whether you have a clear view of the bag you need, or need specialized guidance to help you choose the size, finish, and artwork, brandmydispo offers a comprehensive service that can help. To find out more about the products available or to start your own style project, contact us today.


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