What exactly are we referring to? What exactly do we mean by “custom product packaging?” Does it mean a box with a logo as well as the name of your company? Is it a box with your brand’s images? It address-based packaging that includes your details or social media handles contact information? Custom packaging boxes have all of the information mentioned earlier, but they also cover more than that. A custom-designed box is a Presentation Boxesx item that is unique and exclusive to enhance the image of your company while improving sales and increasing the value of your product.

Presentation Boxes

Good Packaging Tells a Story:

Yes, you could consider your custom-designed boxes as a powerful way to market. When designing packaging, make use of your creative mind, imaginative ideas, and creative thoughts. That’s how you’ll help your item stand out. It is common to have a wide range of materials, colors, prints, illustrations, sizes and styles, and typography. If you use OXO Packaging, you won’t have a problem with customization.

Are you ready to provide your client with a sensual and enjoyable unboxing experience? If so, it’s time to say goodbye to your boring simple, old-fashioned basic, Presentation Boxes and move to exquisitely designed and stunningly customized Presentation boxes that display our logo, brand’s name, and other promotional words!


Think About the Product Specifications While Designing Custom Packaging Boxes:

It is the most valuable advice we could give!

What can you do to design the perfect box if you aren’t sure of the dimensions, shape, color, and product? It is important to know the product’s specifications and the requirements for packaging and then begin to design its design, printing design, and style of box. Start by asking the following three fundamental questions:

  1. What’s the product?
  2. Who are you targeting for your audience?
  3. Where do you plan to market your product?

These answers can help you in selecting the appropriate size, material, or color. The better you can understand your client and their needs, the faster you’ll be able to create an amazing piece!


Save Planet, Save Money – Eco-Friendly Boxes:

Many businesses remain ignorant, but it’s important to start thinking about switching towards sustainable, safe, and biodegradable packaging. If your company’s image seen as supporting environmentally friendly packaging, you’ll be able to delight all the green enthusiasts. Actually, by making use of eco-friendly packaging, you encourage the use of recycled paper.

Kraft Packing Boxes impressive reliability. Additionally, it is extremely flexible material made in any form and color. Such compostable materials add zero landfills. Even if you’re low on funds, you will avail this wonderful alternative. They provide the best protection against adverse climate conditions like extreme humidity, heat, and abrupt falls or shock.

Bonus if you print, make sure that you’re using environmentally friendly ink.

Presentation boxes

Follow the Rule of Simplicity in Printed Packaging Boxes:

With intricate designs, complicated patterns, awkward shapes for boxes, and messages that are difficult to read, it is possible to make buyers look away from your products. However, if you stick to simple and elegant, elegant and simple and simple yet appealing designs, you will attract buyers’ attention! Send negative vibes. The design must be of the ability and quality to attract the attention of customers.

The main reason for the packaging is to ensure the safety of the items during shipping. Therefore, you should choose a stronger product. Another reason to choose a stronger material is to add a touch of elegance to your high-end product. Choose an iconic, attractive design for your customized box packaging. Make it easy but not stale. The product should be easy to use.

A well-designed product packaging comes with all the necessary information regarding the brand and product. The option of a custom-designed box is costly. However, it’s not the case when you use OXO Packaging.


Think of Securing Your Products:

The main purpose that custom box wholesale serves in terms is security; you have to choose a style and select appropriate material to ensure protection, particularly when you’re transporting fragile or breakable goods. The fabric needs to be protected from damage and breaking. Make sure you utilize a break-proof seal and. To ensure your safety ensure that you include inserts. Inserts help keep your item in its location safely. The latest trend is the use of magnetic lids. They firmly encased by magnets Packaging Boxes and give customers an unboxing experience that is top-of-the-line.

Never Overlook Your Budget:

It is essential to stand out and be exceptional for Custom designed boxes without breaking your budget. Usually, the design of the packaging budget divided into two categories:

  • One-time expenses include payments for the design work and a new stamp and setup of the print plate.
  • Per-item costs typically used to use materials or work that needs paid out after a specific period.

Branding needs

Sometimes, a product can stand alone, and in other instances, it is a sign of the name of a well-known brand. If you want your packaging to represent a certain style of branding, make sure you put together the following information before beginning:

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