Hydrafacial is mild dermabrasion therapy that occurs on the skin. The doctor uses a patented device instead of traditional microdermabrasion, using microscopic crystals to cleanse your skin. Many people have benefited from hydrafacial Los Angeles as it has helped them achieve their facial goals of glowing, hydration of the skin, etc.

Hydrafacial Los Angeles has no risks of swelling or irritation hence can be suitable for most people. The procedure usually takes thirty to forty-five minutes only. If you like makeup, you can put it on immediately after the process.

Perfect candidates for hydrafacial

Hydrafacial Los Angeles can treat people of almost all ages, and it is known to be one of the favorable treatments for the skin. The type of skin tone or complexion does not interfere with the procedure. Therefore, if you have sensitive skin, you can still use it to moisturize and cleanse your skin.

If you have problems like sunburns, active rashes, etc., you should not use hydrafacial since it might harm you. Consider treating those conditions first before the treatment. Hydrafacial Los Angeles helps in the improvement of your appearance. You will also be able to feel good, fresh, and healthy on your skin.

Importance of hydrafacial Los Angeles

1. It helps remove fine lines and wrinkles, thus improving the skin texture and smoothness.

2. Hydrafacial helps in the restoration of skin elasticity and strength. Your skin will be substantial and much elastic.

3. Hydrafacial Los Angeles aids in the removal of brown spots on the face. The brown spots may be a result of some conditions or hormones.

4. It helps to alleviate oily skin, thus removing some skin congestions.

5. Hydrafacial Los Angeles helps treat large pores, thus leaving you with perfect skin.

Hydrafacial boosters for better results

Besides hydrafacial solutions, the doctor can add some serums known to boost the treatment for better results. The booster enhances faster healing and brings the most pleasing results.

The boosters may include;

i)Britenol boost

It is a solution which the doctors put together to treat dark spots or skin damages from the sun. A good example is vitamin c to wash your skin in antioxidants and berry extracts which lighten up the dark spot areas.

ii) Brightalive boost

It helps in reducing the spots and brightening up the skin tone hence making you always glow.

iii) Growth factor boost

The booster is usually for wrinkles and fine lines. They are proteins that perform naturally to distribute cellular growth and preserve the healthy skin surface and also you can try the walking benefits

iv) Dermabuilder boost

It helps in the treatment of skin texture conditions and fine lines. It is a hydrated solution that brings about smooth and healthy skin.


It is usually essential to have hydrafacial Los Angeles to help you improve your skin texture. After the procedure, your skin will look more healthy, and you will feel much more comfortable. The best doctor for hydrafacial Los Angeles is Dr. Fitzgerald, and you may consult her before you make any move to get help on your condition.

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