Traditionally, women used make-up products to fill in their thinning eyebrows. However, the solution is temporary, which makes people look for permanent solutions. These permanent solutions include eyebrow transplant or restoration. The eyebrow hair transplant is a cosmetic process that involves the use of surgery. The procedure seems direct, but several aspects need your consideration, like the cost and effects.

Eyebrow Transplant Procedure

Eyebrow restoration is a cosmetic process where hair grafts are collected from your scalp and transplanted to your brows area. Its goal is to grow new hair from those grafts and create a fuller look. The process of restoring eyebrows is the same as those of hair transplants.
The doctor will transfer hairs from above your eyes and transplant them to the affected areas during the procedure. The surgeon will also transplant individual hairs and follicles, enabling the new hairs to grow after the first fall out.
The doctor will give you general anesthesia to make tiny incisions at the donor site and the recipient area. The whole process takes about three hours.

Adverse Effects of Eyebrow Restoration

The following complications can result from the eyebrow restoration process;

· Some transplants might not grow, leading to patchy brows
· Your eyebrows might be unaligned, and this results in unnatural brows
· The brows might grow in different directions or textures

The above effects are common, but the rare ones include;

· Infections
· Inflamed hair follicles lead to a condition called folliculitis
· Possible scarring
· Bruising and swelling

After the process, you will get to see results in two years. The hair may fade after those years and fall, and however, they can last for several years. Therefore, be prepared for another touch-up procedure in the future to ensure you have the look you deserve. Avoiding the adverse effects is possible, and you will need to research the best doctors for the procedure.

Positive Effects of Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrows are essential aspects of the face, and that is why most women try to fit them with make-up. That is why eyebrow hair transplant surgeries are the new and best option. The following are the pros you will enjoy after restoring your eyebrows.

· Regardless of the cause of your falling, the surgery will lead to thick and fuller brows.
· Thinning eyebrows lead to a loss of self-confidence. After the process, you will have more defined brows, with the correct shape and angle to help you with the expression.
· You will also look beautiful and appealing after the procedure.
· The procedure is a permanent solution, and you will enjoy the benefits for several years.
· If you have burns and scars around the brow area, the restoration will help hide them.
· You will also get freedom from regular threading because you will only need correct maintenance after the procedure.
· The overall length and shape of your brows and improve the density as well.
· You will experience a natural-looking outcome.

What is the Recovery Process of Hair Transplant?

The recovery time for eyebrow transplant is typically quick. You might experience some scabbing around the brow area a few days after the procedure. However, ensure that you are not picking them. The surgeon will advise you not to exercise for two to three days to avoid sweating. If you experience swelling, bleeding or pus at the surgery area, make sure to inform your doctor.

Your hair will begin to fall some weeks after the surgery, and this is normal because it will grow after a few months.

Final Thought

To achieve the best brows that you long for, ensure that you choose the right surgeon. Find the best doctor and prevent complications. Eyebrow transplant has many benefits, and they are the best option for both men and women who are searching for a permanent outcome. Always note that the only thing that matters is being happy with the results.

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