Hair loss is a very common issue in women but sometimes it leads to baldness that becomes very frustrating and depressive. Baldness is mostly associated with men but women are also suffering from this condition. Even, young women are now suffering from baldness. When experiencing baldness, the first thing that you notice is more hair in your comb or hairbrush and drain. You get bald spots on your scalp and your hair seems to be thinning. If this condition continues, it will obviously make you think am I going bald? What’s causing this? And to get rid of female baldness? Here you will get answers to all these questions.

Reasons for Female Baldness

Baldness in women is given the name of female pattern baldness. Unlike men, women suffering from female pattern baldness, get overall hair thinning and baldness in the crown that becomes severe with the passage of time. There are many reasons behind female baldness. Here are some expected causes of female hair loss or baldness.


A physical or emotional shock like surgery can cause hair loss. Commonly, women lose hair two to three months after shock. Telogen effluvium also occurs as the result of a change in hormone level. Often hairs grow back after several months if hair loss is caused by stress.

Nutritional deficiency:

Hair loss can also occur if your diet is not healthy. A serious deficiency in protein, zinc, iron and other nutrients causes hair fall.

Use of certain drugs or illnesses:

Hair loss can also be caused by the use of certain medications. Lithium, warfarin, heparin and beta-blockers are common examples. Hair loss can also be a symptom of some conditions like diabetes and lupus.


It is an autoimmune disease that causes small round patches of baldness on the scalp. Sometimes, it may also cause the overall thinning of hairs.

Fungal scalp infections:

Some types of fungi may also infect the scalp resulting in hair loss.

Certain hairstyles and over-treating your hair:

Some hairstyles that are tight or pull your hair like tight braids and buns are also the reason behind hair loss. Using curling irons, straighteners or hot rollers can make your hairs fall out. Using strong shampoos and conditioners or hair colours also cause hair loss.

How to prevent hair loss in women?

You can prevent hair loss by following a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy food and taking proper care of your hair. It helps reduce your stress. If the use of medications or ailment is the cause, then you should make alterations in your diet and treat the underlying condition.

When to see a doctor?

You should consult a doctor as soon as you notice hair fall. He or she will perform tests and examinations and will suggest you a suitable treatment. Various treatment options are available for the treatment of female baldness. They are discussed below.


Medications are helpful for you if you are not suffering from severe hair loss. Both topical and oral medications are available for hair loss treatment in Dubai. Minoxidil and finasteride are the two medications that are mostly used as hair loss treatment. Minoxidil is the topical liquid that is available over the counter and its mild form may also be used without prescription. It’s more suitable for the crown and frontal region.

It is available in 2% solution, 4% solution and 5% solutions. It may grow hair but is not much effective and carries some side effects also. If it is applied on the face or neck, it may cause hair growth there. On the other hand, finasteride is an oral medication and is mostly not recommended for female hair loss. This is because it is a strong medication and it may cause complications.

Acell PRP hair loss therapy:

Some hair loss therapies are also available for the treatment of hair loss. It is a non-surgical procedure that is done by injecting beneficial substances into the scalp to stimulate the growth of hairs. In this procedure, PRP from your own blood is mixed with growth factors and is injected into the bald areas to grow hair. It is more effective than medications and is less invasive than hair transplant surgery.

Hair Transplant:

Hair transplant is an invasive procedure but it is the only most effective solution for baldness. It involves using your own hair follicles to grow hair in bald areas. The procedure involves extracting hair follicles from the area of your scalp having denser – mostly back area – and then these follicles are transplanted in the bald areas, where they start growing like surrounding hairs. Various techniques are in use for performing hair transplants in Dubai. It requires some time for recovery but the results are really very beneficial and effective.

In short, female baldness has become a common problem and there are many reasons behind it but various effective treatments are also available.

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