You thought there was an offer for a free mp3 player, didn’t you? If only there was such a possibility. Well, in a sense there is, although you may not find a free mp3 player to carry with you, there are free devices that you can download to your computer.

On most computers, Windows Media Player is already installed and ready to go. However, some people don’t like this player and prefer to download their own.

Free Mp3 Player Downloads

If you don’t like the MP3 CD player on your PC, there are some alternatives. Below you will find the best downloads from the Internet.

– dbPowerAmp Audio player – This is a revised edition of a previous popular model. One of the new features of this device is the ability to rate the songs in your player. The higher you rate a particular song, the more often it will be played randomly.

– WinAmp – The king of free mp3 players Free MP3 Downloads is praised by customers for its ease of use and great skins. This mp3 music player has numerous equalizer presets, crystal clear sound quality and cool skin graphics.

– Sonique 1.90 – This player is used by millions of people and is a top of the line device. Many different options, skins and a newly revamped decoder shoot this program to the top of any list.

– UltraPlayer – Of all the free mp3 players, this one has the most unique look. Anyone used to WinAmp will have a little trouble at first, but the benefits are worth the learning curve.

There are many more devices to choose from. This is just a sample list of the best rated devices by customers that you can download.

Free Mp3 Player Music

Once you have downloaded your favorite player and it is running on your computer, it is time to listen to some music.

On the Internet you can find both free music videos to download and those that charge a small fee. If you are not sure whether you like a specific artist or song, you can download a music file from sites such as CNET. This way you can try out the music before you buy it. Amazon, iTunes and several other websites also offer free mp3 music downloads for your listening pleasure.


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