Today, we give you all the inspiration you need to surprise a studio photography enthusiast with a gift that is useful to them and appropriate to the type of photography practiced. Do you want to give a nice gift to a studio photographer? Are you a studio photographer yourself and writing your list of gifts to Santa Claus? So take something to write down and pay attention to the following because we are going to introduce you to what we consider to be the 5 most beautiful gifts in our shop for a studio photographer.

Accessories to improve studio photography

Studio photography is a very concrete discipline which requires specific photographic equipment. This is the reason why today we want to help you make a really useful gift for someone who is passionate about studio photography. Don’t worry, grab a pen and paper and jot down these five ideas to include on your Christmas list this year. That no one lacks sound advice to hit the nail on the head! Here we go !

1. A translucent umbrella

This accessory can be a flagship gift for a studio photographer, not only for him or her but also for the person offering it: it is indeed a very good accessory at the same time. market and of great utility, so everyone comes out a winner.

This popular accessory is used to dim flash light in the studio. The advantage of the umbrella, compared to other diffusers, is its great portability : it folds in the same way as a regular umbrella, so you can easily take it anywhere, especially since ‘it is of course also very light.

This accessory is very popular in fashion photography, during outdoor photo shoots, to obtain a larger surface of light, quite powerful but softer and faded than with a flash alone.

2. A Beauty Dish, one of the gifts for studio photographer

The diffuser called “Beauty Dish” is commonly used for beauty, makeup and fitness sessions, generally for shooting foregrounds.

This light-dimming prop has become very famous in studio photography, not only because it dims light very effectively but also because it gives a very natural reflection to the eyes thanks to its shape. circular. And by its small and light appearance, it can be placed as close as possible to the subject of the portrait. Check for more on

3. Softboxes adapted to the type of photo

Softboxes are closed windows that cover the flash. In addition to reducing the brightness like umbrellas, they allow you to direct its light towards the front part, without losing a single beam on the way. The result is a more powerful light source.

The softbox has many advantages for working in the studio, such as its wide variety of sizes. Each of the models has a very specific function depending on the type of photography you want. For example, square or rectangular softboxes are used to photograph products, octagonal ones are dedicated to portraits and verticals to full-length portraits.

There are softboxes for all types of photographers and all styles of photography. So think no more about it: this is a simple gift that you can’t go wrong with.

4. Gifts for studio photographer: a powerful wireless flash

If there is one basic accessory for studio photography, it is the studio flash. To enjoy good lighting, with all the power you need, you have to find the right flash. It must be an adaptable flash, which can be used with different brands and with adjustable power to produce more or less intense lighting.

5. A complete lighting kit

For anyone who still uses window light, uses a white sheet as a background, bounces light with card stock, or whose primary light source is a removable hot shoe flash, then the kit is an ideal gift that will allow them to take the plunge.

The perfect gift for the studio photographer

Here we are at the end of our selection of 5 products that we are sure will make you triumph in your attempt to surprise a sstudio photographer. Useful accessories that meet various needs, accessories for all budgets. So that you can choose the one that is best for you or the recipient of the gift.


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