The custom wax concentrate packaging assures that your extracts and concentrates are delivered safely and securely to the customers’ doorsteps. It is sturdy-built and ensures the complete protection of the concentrate products from any damage. It functions as a silent salesman for your company by generating more sales and increasing revenues. The compelling designs and styles imprinted on it enhance the aura and beauty of the concentrated items inside. It also renders you with many printing options as it has a smoother and shinier surface that can support every type of printing technique.

It also renders you many customization options and can be customized in various sizes, designs, shapes, and styles. Moreover, some elegant stylization effects, beautiful color schemes, and bright themes can be applied to make them outstanding and appealing. Not only that, but they are also unique, lightweight, and highly cost-effective.

The demand for wax concentrate packaging is rising, and it is becoming more popular among manufacturers and distributors as it is specifically designed to meet the needs of a product or organization. Most of us have seen the concentrate packages many times, but we do not know precisely some of their inner facts. Check out the following facts about the concentrate boxes, which you must know.

They Come In Different Designs:

Following are some of the most common designs and their respective benefits of custom concentrate packaging:

  • Sleeve Box: 

Sleeve marijuana concentrate packaging for marketing provides more space for creativity and communication than other traditional labels. Other benefits of this type of design are related to the safety of the fragile cannabis products inside, protecting the contents from UV rays.

  • Pyramid-Shaped Package:

The pyramid-shaped THC concentrate packaging provides your organization with uniqueness in the market as most of the concentrate boxes come in square or rectangular shapes. This design also helps in keeping marijuana products fresh for more extended periods.

  • Shoulder Package:

This type of design has become the trendiest to pack cannabis items effectively. In addition, these boxes have hinged lids, which are very influential in providing a more stand-out look to the concentrate items.

  • Die-Cut Window Box:

The cannabis concentrate packaging with a window cut makes the products visible to the clients without even opening them. It provides more aesthetic appeals to the consumers and gives your brand a credible impression.

The Materials Used:

Do you know the materials which are primarily used in the concentrate packaging? Eco-friendly materials such as cardboard, corrugated stock, or Kraft stock are used to manufacture this type of packaging. Unlike plastic, these materials do not pollute the environment and are known for their reduced carbon footprint in the atmosphere. Also, this eco-friendly packaging produces very little toxic waste, and its decomposition rate is very high. It instantly decomposes when placed in landfills and is highly recyclable and reusable. You know very well that consumers these days are becoming more environment-conscious due to which they prefer the user-friendly and eco-friendly packaging.

Not only that, but eco-friendly concentrate packages also offer ultimate strength and sturdiness to the fragile cannabis products inside. They are prone to any bacteria, chemicals, dust, or contamination and offer complete resistance against moisture when perfectly laminated. In addition, they instantly absorb all the temperature contents and do not let the temperature affect the quality of the concentrate items.

Sleeker And Affordable:

The cannabis concentrate packaging is relatively sleeker as less material is used in manufacturing. This makes it great light in weight, and one can say that its weight does not count when placed on a measuring scale. This lightweight feature makes the concentrate boxes easier to handle when carrying from one place to another or for shipping purposes. They also possess immense storage space, which allows you to pack and ship more cannabis items in a single go.

Your organization will save a lot of shipping costs and increase the profit margins. The production cost of concentrate boxes is also significantly less due to the consumption of less material in their manufacturing. Not only that, but they also offer you a cost-effective way to promote or market your brand as information about your organization, logo, or name of your brand can be printed on them.

Better Printing Capabilities:

There is a great misconception among most customers in the market that custom concentrate packaging has a rough surface. This doesn’t seem right; having the capability to recycle and reuse marijuana boxes does not mean that they possess uneven surfaces. The reality is that they have perfectly smoother and finished shiny surfaces that can support almost every type of printing technique. For instance, printing methods such as digital, offset, flexography, or lithography printing can effectively produce some fantastic designs on their surfaces. These smooth and shiny surfaces will make the styles or designs printed on them look more appealing and alluring to your customer base. In addition, the boxes with better printing capabilities allow your organization to communicate with your potential consumers in the market effectively.

Where Can You Buy It?

Are you wondering where you can buy marijuana concentrate packaging? There are various effective channels to purchase marijuana packages very quickly. For instance, you can buy them through online stores by visiting the online marketplaces through your mobile phone or PC. You can also buy them from local manufacturers by checking the quality before placing an order. Buying from local manufacturers will also allow you to negotiate the price. Another channel for purchasing marijuana packages is through third-party websites, offering you discounts and other promotional offers.

There are some interesting facts about wax concentrate packaging, which very few people know. It comes in different sleeve, shoulder, or die-cut box designs. You can buy it through multiple channels, such as online platforms or local manufacturers. Furthermore, it is quite affordable, sleeker, and friendly to the users and the environment.

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