On-Demand Apps are also known as “Super Apps.” Just like the name says, “Super Apps” is a sturdy, robust application offering 70+ On-Demand Services to the users’ backs and calls.

Whenever a person wants to have their house cleaned, just a few taps and on-demand maid service are available. Likewise, you can order groceries, food, flowers, make salon appointments, get a babysitter, or even do something as basic as calling a taxi. The Gojek Clone App helps you do this and much more on a single platform.

Connect With Your Customers Directly.

People are on their cell phones 24/7. They never leave their gadgets, so developing an app like Gojek can be an excellent choice for your business. The app will be only a few taps away. So, whenever your customers need any daily essential services, they can avail themselves immediately by tapping on their smartphones.

Since this app comprises hordes of services under a single platform, it eliminates the need to keep different apps. Thus, no compromising on the storage space, only a single download and one login. The user can retrieve any service, including taxi rides as well as store-based delivery services, anytime on the go.

The convenience and the comfort this Gojek Clone App brings to your users are unparalleled. Also, the app provides you with multiple streams of revenue. You can change and make modifications accordingly. With this app, you are going to be the hero in the on-demand industry.

Gojek Clone Provides Excellent 70+ On-Demand Services

Gojek App Clone is a readymade app solution offering a multitude of services. The service categories are primarily divided into on-demand taxi booking services, on-demand store-based deliveries, parcel services, and on-demand services.

This pre-built script solution is embedded with brilliant features and can be customised as per the business demands.

The Gojek clone concept is taken from the parent app. The aim is to serve people so that they can carry on with their daily lives without any disruption.


Witnessing the boom of on-demand apps, entrepreneurs are launching customised super apps.

The app is receiving a great response in countries like Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. Investors and startups are showing keen interest in launching the app in Asian countries to give it business-wide exposure.

What Features Will Be Included in the Gojek Clone App?

When you are launching an On-Demand Multiservices App that is based on Gojek, it builds a certain impression.

People who have already known and used the Gojek application will look forward to using a similar kind of app. So, make sure that you are offering them something that is quick and easy to place their orders. The navigation should be easy to understand and secure with a quick checkout process.

Most of your users might be using the app for the first time. So, ensure that you make your users have a pleasant experience using it.

There will be plenty of on-demand apps like Gojek in the market. To compete, you will need something unique. Implementing the latest Gojek Clone App Version Features can be the best idea.

Hire a trustable Gojek App Development Company that will recommend you the new set of features to integrate along with COVID-19 safety features.

  • The features must be user-friendly.
  • Your users should be able to place their orders without any hassles.
  • The user, service providers, and delivery drivers are able to manage their panel independently.
  • The dynamic Admin Panel allows the Admin to take hold of the entire business process on a real-time basis.

Outsourcing To A Gojek Clone App Development Company In India

Approach a Gojek Clone App development firm in India.

The reason for choosing an Indian tech company to work with is that they have skilled resources with years of experience to take pride in. Furthermore, the quote they offer is way less compared to other foreign tech development companies.

They have been handling global clients with various niche On-Demand Clone Apps working on the state-of-the-art infrastructure. With complete transparency, the app development company is offering a white-label Gojek Clone App at an economical price.


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