Multi-services apps like Gojek, so-called Super Apps, are currently ruling the on-demand market.

The lockdown has increased the demand for on-demand multi-services app. Whatever the users are looking to order – taxi booking to grocery delivery to handyman services, the app handles everything.

To have an app that delivers anything will help you streamline your business and excel in your multi-service business. Developing an On-Demand App Solution offering multiple services in a single app provides an excellent opportunity to start and expand your business.

Ride Into The World of On-Demand Multiservices Earning Multiple Revenue Streams

The Gojek Application began its journey with 20 ride-hailing services. Later on, it introduced 360-degree services. It demonstrated that it is possible to provide multiple services within a single app and streamline businesses.

Gojek Clone similarly allows entrepreneurs to leverage 70+ multi-services from various sectors. Thus, they attracted a crowd in a short time. The app offers on-demand services. It starts from taxi booking, beauty services, tutoring services, on-demand food delivery, allowing you to generate multiple revenues.

Gojek Clone App – Robust App Bestowing 70+ Services In a Single App

There is no point in developing a Gojek Clone App that fails to do business.

This means it requires having services that are high in demand. Integrating the services that are widely used can pull the crowd. 

The 70+ On-Demand Services are carefully selected services that help in captivating and retaining users. 

Gojek Clone App has 4 primary categories that carry sub-categories accordingly:

Taxi Booking services – The feature segment allows the user to book a taxi ride on the go. Just like Uber, you can provide Moto ride services, Uber like Moto rental services, and Taxi rental services. 

Deliver All – It allows the users to order food, groceries, pharmacies, wine, water-bottle, etc from the nearby stores and restaurants. The items are delivered as per the preferred delivery preferences.

Parcel/Courier Delivery – The user can book the deliveries and get the packages delivered to single as well as multiple locations. 

On-Demand Services – The users can book various on-demand services like Handyman services, Plumbers, Electricians, Beautician, Tow Trucking, House cleaning/maid services, Carpenters, Babysitters, Pet walkers, Sanitization, etc. 

Delivery Genie – The users can get any item purchased from the nearby stores as per the instructions and get them delivered to the doorstep.

Delivery Runner – Get anything/items/ or stuffed picked up or dropped or delivered to you from the nearby areas.

Features You Need To Include In Your Gojek Clone Multi-services App

When are looking to compete with your competitors you need to look at the features they have integrated within the app.

A reputable Gojek Clone App Development Company advises you in offering customized features suiting your app requirements.

Gojek Clone App primarily will have 4 screens that are in sync: 

  • Your users find it easy and quick to place orders and book taxis
  • The service providers can manage their business in a few taps from their interface 
  • The delivery driver’s screen should allow them to manage the deliveries easily 
  • It allows the admin to keep an eye on every business activity and make improvements based on the feedback and ratings

The Latest Features include:

  • Taxi Booking iWatch App
  • Restricting Driver’s fraud 
  • Re-assign delivery driver
  • Restaurant menu multiple options/toppings
  • One store under several categories
  • Free delivery promo codes
  • Location wise push-notifications/ promo code / banner home page
  • SKU Code for store delivery items
  • Cookie consent popup
  • Advanced and detailed service search

Aspects To Consider For Your App like Gojek 

Integrating your multi-services app with Multi-lingual and multiple currencies features will open up hordes of opportunities for your business. 

You can hassle-free launch the app in a foreign location without stressing out whether it will work or not. Obviously it will work. The app allows you to choose any 10 languages and currencies of your choice including English and USD (American Dollar) which attracts more users. 

Buying a White-label Gojek Clone App Solution is anytime a right decision compared to the app developing right from scratch. 

It is a readily available solution, it allows you to customize the features, services, themes and logos, and more. 

It is challenging to manage multiple services and instead of creating separate apps for each service the best way is to Build your Super App with the Best Gojek Clone App.

So, what’s the wait for. Now is the right time to build an on-demand multi-services app like Gojek.

Approach a leading on-demand app development company with years of experience in developing an On-Demand Clone App for global clients.

To take your multi-services businesses to the next level using a professionally build Gojek Clone Script Solution. 

Take the notes from this blog, it will help you survive the competitive market. Approaching a professional app development team offering scalable software solutions at an economical price package is the best option for you. 

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