Boxing has fascinated people all around the world for millennia. Ancient Sumerian and Egyptian reliefs suggest that fist fighting was already popular มวยสากล around 5000 years B.C. The first to leave detailed boxing records and rules were the ancient Greeks were Boxing became an Olympic discipline in 688 B.C.

Boxing stayed very popular in the whole of Europe throughout the middle ages and evolved particularly in Great Britain. Whereas many other popular sports have Halls of Fame dating back to the first half of the 20th century, the International Boxing Hall of Fame(IBHOF) was founded 1990 in Canastota in New York State, USA by Ed Brophy.

Every year in early December new inductees are announced and the official induction takes place in the following June on the so called Hall of Fame Weekend. Amongst the first to be honoured in 1990 were illustrious names of living Boxing Legends like Muhammad Ali and Jake LaMotta.

2009 marks a very special date for the International Boxing Hall of Fame- with the induction of the Class of 2009, the IBHOF will celebrate its 20th birthday. Amongst the Boxers to be honoured is former British Heavyweight Champion Lennox Lewis, who has retired long enough, 5 years that is, to be named as one of the sports all time greats.

All Stars Memorabilia gives you the possibility to secure yourself a piece of Boxing History and enables you to be close to our ‘modern day gladiators’. If you love Boxing , you surely do not need to think twice to agree that an originally signed Boxing Glove of one of the members of the International Boxing Hall of Fame is a must have item for every Boxing Fan.


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