Honey has been a wonder fruit for centuries. It’s not only good in taste and for general well-being. But it can also be used for treating various diseases. Here is how it can benefit you for the following treatment and method:

Liver disease

For the treatment of the liver, bee products are used even by doctors and its action is so effective that it can completely replace drugs.

When treating the liver and gallbladder, a drug is prepared based on eggs, milk, and honey. To do this, nectar is poured into a bottle, washed, and wiped eggs are poured onto it and poured with milk. The neck of the balloon is covered with a cloth and hidden in a dark place. After two weeks, the eggs will be covered with a creamy film. When the eggs increase in size and float to the surface, the drug is ready. After that, the neck is freed from the fabric, the creamy film is removed and discarded.

Eye treatment with honey at home

The benefits of the product in the treatment of eye diseases have been known for a long time. And the recipes for the preparation of medicines are very simple. Such treatment is used for: glaucoma, cataracts, conjunctivitis, flashing of flies and dots in front of the eyes, affected retina, and childhood myopia. Talking about Manuka honey uses and various other forms of honey are too good for treating different diseases and have endless properties.

Eye treatment at home is carried out as follows: add a spoonful of fresh nectar to a glass of water, boil for two minutes. Cool and pour into a bottle with a screw cap. In the early morning and before going to bed, we do eye lotions.

For the treatment of cataracts, the solution is dripped for six months. Such treatment will help relieve pain, pain in the eyes, reduce eye pressure, and improve vision.

The anti-inflammatory effect of this plant helps to restore the walls of the diseased intestines and stomach. For the treatment of gastritis in folk medicine, there are also recipes with aloe and honey: both components are taken in equal proportions, mixed, and consumed in a teaspoon before meals. Dissolve 100 g of nectar in a glass of warm water, add chopped aloe and take two teaspoons 15 minutes before meals. Chopped leaves of aloe trees are mixed with half a glass of linden nectar and poured with Cahors. Insist for five hours, drink a tablespoon of the mixture before meals.

Treatment of sinusitis with honey at home

In the treatment of sinusitis, this product stops the growth of bacteria, relieves swelling of the mucous membrane, and improves immunity.

At home, it is taken alone or together with medicinal plants, roots, and medicines.

Treatment of sinusitis with this product is carried out as follows:

  • Before carrying out medical procedures, the nasal passages are cleaned.
  • Medicinal solutions are instilled so that the liquid does not flow out of the nose. 2-3 procedures are carried out throughout the day.
  • Rinsing the nose helps to thin the mucus, as a result of which the maxillary sinus duct is cleared, which leads to recovery.
  • For the procedure, a 20% solution is made and a syringe is used.
  • When using applications, you need to use crystallized honey with anesthesin, which reduces pain. To do this, you can buy a 5% ointment with anesthesin at the pharmacy. A medical mixture is applied to a cotton swab and inserted into the nasal passage, lie down and turn the head towards the sore sinus. The procedure takes 5-20 minutes.

Also, treatment is carried out using gauze rolls dipped in a medicinal solution and inserted into the nasal passages. The procedure is carried out lying down for half an hour and ten days.

Also, treatment is carried out using gauze rolls dipped in a medicinal solution and inserted into the nasal passages. The procedure is carried out lying down for half an hour and ten days.



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