Before hanging blackout window curtains, read the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Measure the length of the rod and the width of the window and cut the rod accordingly. The curtain’s height should be four inches higher than the rod. Depending on the height of the ceiling, a few more inches can be cut off. After cutting the rod, thread the blackout curtain into the rod and attach the brackets. Before hanging the curtains, remove the existing curtains.

To install the blackout window curtains

Measure the height of your windows. Make sure the rods are four inches higher than the Blackout curtains. If you are using a curtain rod that is too thin, it may bow when pulled on. A thicker rod will support the heavier curtains without compromising their appearance. Before hanging the blackout window curtains, place the rod in a straight line. You can also use a measuring tape to make sure the rod is level. Visit us for buying the best blackout curtains and curtains rods.

Measure the length of the curtain panels. Most people choose to hang them separately. However, it is also possible to hang them with the same technique. Before hanging the panels, make sure to check the looped thread in the middle of the curtain panel. Before hooking the panels, attach the brackets and magnetic strips to the wall. If you do not have a measuring tape handy, you can measure the width of the rods using a measuring tape.

Install mesh curtains on the windows using a metal rod

Make sure to use a metal rod with the correct length and width for your window. Ensure that the curtain rod is sturdy and that the brackets are spaced evenly. Then, follow the steps laid out earlier. Identify the holes in the panels, and attach them with the brackets and magnetic strips. Once the curtain panels are placed on the wall, the curtains can be hung.

Many people hang the blackout window curtains separately. To hang the panels, follow the instructions. You should align the brackets with the looped thread in the center of the panel. Then, you should attach the brackets and magnetic strips to the rods. As you go along, you should be able to hang your blackout window curtains in a few minutes. You can now enjoy the benefits of darkened windows!

After you have installed the brackets and the rods

It is time to hang the blackout panel. Before hanging the panel, check the looped thread of the curtain and then place the hooks on the looped thread. Then, you can attach the magnetic strips and the brackets. If you have any problems, you can ask a friend for help. If you are a beginner, read the instructions carefully and be patient.

The first step is to hang the panels. The drapes should be installed 4 inches above the window. Then, you should attach the brackets to the brackets. You should be sure to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer. You can use the brackets for the curtain in any position. The curtain panels are then hung together. The drapery brackets must be placed every four inches above the window.

Before hanging the blackout window curtains

You should check the thread and hooks. The hooks should be evenly spaced along the rod. The looped thread should be lined up with the brackets. Then, you should hook the brackets into the rods. You should also use the double rod for your blackout panels. Lastly, you should make sure that the brackets are attached on the wall.


The next step is to install the rods. In most cases, you can hang blackout window curtains separately. It is important to make sure the hooks are in a position where they can be easily attached to the rod. Moreover, the brackets should be in the same line as the panels. Ensure that the brackets are at the proper height and are even and straight. After installing the rods, the curtains should be hung.

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