There seems to be an app for everything from ordering lunch to managing investment portfolios, working with teams on a project, to maintaining (or building!) .For a provider of diversity experts, however, the emerging application market is proving to be exciting and full of potential: applications for consumers who find and identify black companies.

How different mobile applications from vendors benefit suppliers from diversity experts

For supplier diversity experts, the advent of applications that identify black companies enables us to find potential new suppliers. Imagine downloading one of these apps and setting it up to notify you when you are near a multi-owned business. Once loaded, you pop into your favorite bakery for a morning cupcake and suddenly get a warning – the bakery is one of the few! With this new knowledge and prior experience with excellent customer service and quality products, you search for a company in your supplier database and start discovering a catering contract at your company’s next event.

We’ve talked for a while about how consumers would like to support different companies and companies that benefit from a variety of vendors, but now we see concrete evidence of this desire. The development of these applications reflects the great interest of consumers, especially those of the millennial generation, in helping many different companies. Innovative tools such as the Core mobile apps Supplier Diversity Impact Index can now measure how awareness of the Brand Supplier Diversity Program influences consumers’ purchasing decisions. (It’s worth noting that Core mobile apps visionary Stefanie Francis is, which is another example of how diversity can lead to innovation.) By adopting an inclusive supply chain, we start a direct relationship between new customers, and we recognize this connection too. As Generation Z becomes a consumer power, it will only grow stronger.

A closer look at the various vendor applications

In recent years, more and more applications for companies with different owners have appeared on the market. They are generally greeted with enthusiasm and have received positive comments from users. However, we are far from the peak of saturation.

Most of the apps available today describe best black owned app developer have plenty of room to go to the market. Apps that help consumers find and support businesses owned by women, Hispanics, Asian Americans, , veterans, and people with disabilities are needed and desired. Given our knowledge of the willingness to shop across companies, the lack of high-quality mobile applications with this knowledge offers great potential to entrepreneurial best black owned app developers.

Let’s take a look at some of the well-received and tested embedded apps.

The Core mobile apps

As a spin-off of the original web series, the Core mobile apps use a solid database of black companies. Consumers can be notified when there is a black store nearby and a favorite store has new offers and updates. Business owners can use the app to offer special offers and communicate directly with consumers.


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