When applying eyeliner for hooded eyes, it is crucial to prime the eyelid first to create a smooth base and increase the staying power of your liner. Choose a primer that matches the rest of your makeup. Once you’ve primed your eyelids, apply your eyeliner. Once the eyeliner has dried, use a liner brush to gently stroke the liner onto the hooded area.

Another Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes is a waterproof one. It doesn’t smudge and has a fine tip. It is perfect for lining hooded eyes and is available at Amazon. To apply eyeliner for a creased hooded eye, apply the liner from the inside of the lower lid outward. Once the liner has dried, gently press down the tip to create a thin or thick line.

A gel eyeliner is ideal for hooded eyes. It allows you to control the application and create a crisp, defined line. A fine-tipped brush is also helpful when applying eyeliner for a creased brow. A blending brush, such as the one that comes with a gel formula, is essential for achieving this look. If you’re not sure which one works for you, try a liquid liner instead.

Use Waterproof Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes

Alternatively, you can use white eyeliner pencil for a hooded crease. Then, follow the line with a black or brown pencil. Once you’ve applied your eyeliner, use a blending brush to blend it out and add a batwing. This trick requires a bit of practice but will definitely help you create a beautiful hooded crease.

To make your hooded eyes look sexy, you must make sure your eyeliner for hooded eyes is waterproof. The waterproof liner is a must for hooded eyes because it doesn’t smudge. A soft-tipped pencil is also useful for a smoky hooded eye. It’s important to use waterproof eyeliner on hooded eyes as they have more space in their closed position.

eyeliner for hooded eyes

For a smudged look, opt for a line that is a little thicker than the lining line. The thick line will be less dramatic but will still draw attention to the hooded eye. A thin line is best for a hooded eye. A thick line will make your eyes look larger. You can also use gel or liquid eyeliner to create a smoky effect.

A triangular liquid eyeliner is a must-have for a hooded eye. Its unique triangular body and super-flex liner tip make it easy to make precise flicks. Its smudge-proof formula will last for hours. A smudged liner will not come off easily when you wear it in the daytime. You should also try to apply it in the center of the crease so that it doesn’t smudge.

Create a Smoky Effect

A gel Eyeliner for Round Eyes is a must-have for a hooded eye. Its smooth, liquid formula is easy to blend, and the brush is easy to apply. It can also be used to apply liquid eyeliner for a smudge-proof look. There are many different types of hooded eyeliner. You can also use a pencil for this type of hooded eyes.

When using a gel eyeliner, be sure to apply it as far as possible from the hooded area. This will give you a flattering, smooth look. In addition, gel eyeliner for a hooded eye is highly pigmented and is a good option for beginners. The best tip is to use a product that dries evenly so that it will last all day.

eyeliner for hooded eyes

A gel eyeliner for hooded eyes is a great option for beginners, as it is waterproof. Using a gel eyeliner will prevent a mess and will allow the eyeliner to last longer. By using a pencil eyeliner, you can cover a third of your lashes and your crease will be hidden. If you don’t have a permanent pencil, use a liquid liner in a dark shade.

A liquid liner for a hooded eye is an option that works well for a winged eye. It should be applied with a small amount of pressure and be applied with a clean, wet brush. Unlike a traditional pencil, liquid liner has a precision tip that can help draw precise lines and a creamy formula that dries quickly. This type of winged eyeliner is a great option for a winged eye.


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