Ever since the advent of digital platforms, transportation has become easy and convenient for people globally. Just a few taps on mobile phones will result in booking a taxi cab. Booking rides had never been this easy for individuals decades ago. It was Uber that initiated this ideology of enabling users to book their taxi rides through mobile apps. Post-global pandemic, the taxi app market is all set to witness a huge surge in revenue generation. Would you like to be a part of this lucrative market? Then this blog is something that you should not miss reading out! 

History Bores But Numbers Don’t! – A Quick Statistics About Ride-Sharing App Market

  • The first quarter of the year 2020 was quite well, with the market performing at a steady scale. Post pandemic, the market revamped during the third and fourth quarters. So the overall revenue of Uber points to around $11.1 billion.
  • The users of Uber account for 93 million in 2020 and have carried out 4.98 billion rides globally. 
  • Lyft, the rival of Uber, had around 12.5 million users during the fourth quarter of 2020.
  • In 2020, Lyft had annual revenue of $2.36 billion. 

Working model to opt for your Uber clone

The success of your ride-sharing app depends on the working pattern you chose for your app. If the app doesn’t support an easy working model, there are high chances of it getting backlash from the users. Here is a perfect working model to adopt in your app, 

  • The users should be able to enter their pick-up and drop-off locations so that they can be matched with the drivers near their location.
  • The ride fare should be calculated and shared at the time of booking the rides. 
  • The drivers have the liberty to either accept or reject their ride requests. 
  • Once the ride is confirmed by the drivers, the trip details are shared with the users. The live tracking solution should enable users to track the location of their rides swiftly.
  • At the end of the trip, the users can pay their fares to the drivers through feasible payment options. 
  • Now, the ratings and reviews panel is open for both the users and drivers to share their feedback on the experience they had with the rides. 

Key Take-Aways To Consider To Launch App Like Uber 

  • The final outcome of your taxi app solution decides the success of your business. To develop a strong taxi app, you need someone who is well-versed in handling various technologies and software. Find out the best app development companies to build your taxi app. 
  • The business model of a taxi app involves three prime cases. They are the users, drivers, and admins. So you have to develop three different apps to cater to their different needs. This should not be missed out on in your app. 
  • When it comes to drivers, they might wish to have some priority. However, you can enable them to select their desired routings from the app. This will help them get more rides in one particular route. 
  • The awareness about global warming is everywhere. You can adapt to some “go green” initiatives by introducing green cabs, electric cabs, etc. This can also be used as a perfect marketing strategy for your product. 
  • There are some prerequisite features that are demanded a taxi booking to function efficiently. You can draw inspiration from various other taxi booking apps and develop a viable solution. Ensure that you do not miss out on any prime features of the app. 
  • Adopt a better routing technology that can guide the drivers through pointing out the right efficient routes for the drivers. By taking efficient routes, the drivers can complete the routes in a much lesser duration and increase the number of trips.

Highlighting Features Of A Taxi Booking App 

Easy registration – The swift registration process enables users to register swiftly with the application. Enable users to sign in easily with a few simple steps.

Real-time tracking – The app should have in-built GPS technology that can enable users to track the location of their rides effortlessly. 

Booking/cancelation – When the users can easily book a ride, they should also have the feasibility to cancel their bookings. 

Payment integration – There are numerous payment options for the users to pay for their rides. They can either pay online or offline according to their comfortability. 

Notifications – The instant notifications of the app helps in keeping the users engaged with the app. 

Stages To Pass Through For Developing An Uber Clone 

  • Study the market before entering into it to understand the scopes, trends, and demands of the market. 
  • Design a business model to adopt for your business. 
  • Get ready with all the documentation process so that you can pass through all the government rules and regulations. 
  • Find your app development firm to develop your viable taxi booking app. 

The Final Thoughts 

The taxi app market is quite wide and offers a forum for entrepreneurs like you to explore the business arena. Now all you need to do is to partner with the leading app development firm to build your Uber clone app. Hurry up and boost yourself to meet out in the market!

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