Have you ever tried those sexy curls from hot Hollywood stars? If you love getting such curly strands in your hair, why not use a professional curling iron? The trend of sexy curly spirals is making a comeback and girls who love to change the style with the trend would be looking for the best curling iron to help them acquire different types of voluminous curls to suit their personality. You can also get those sexy curls in your hair if you can spend a few minutes on your curling iron. You can create different tight and wavy curls in your hair so that you always look different and attractive Haircare products. Curling with a one-inch barrel will provide you with natural-looking spirals that can be styled in different ways to suit the occasion. These are some of the best curly hairstyles that can be done with a 1-barrel curling iron.

The beachy messy curl waves are one of the most popular hairstyles that girls are very fond of today. The beauty of free-flowing hair can appeal to anyone in a large crowd. You can acquire this style by using a 1-inch barrel curling iron that needs to be applied after air drying and mousse your hair. The hot rod when rolled in different directions can produce those messy waves that flow with life. It is a casual hairstyle that you can try when you are on vacation or on similar occasions. You can create looser locks by breaking your curls for better styling beauty. You can also create a complicated wavy hairstyle with the 1-inch barrel by applying some straightening lotion before curling your hair. You should also blow the hair and then roll the curling iron in different directions to create those beautiful waves. The application of shine serum will increase the shine and beauty of the waves. If you want to create tight curls, it should take a little more effort by rolling the flat iron and laying it on each roll for about 25 seconds to get those lovely curls. Flipped curls are also a modern style that you can achieve by rolling the ends of your hair up.


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