Event sponsors are looking at partnership, not just a bid to place their logos at. And nobody can deny the fact that they are the ones that make any event possible in the first place, so, ignoring their contributions isn’t the idea that you would want to cater to. 

Further, to keep your sponsors coming back each year, building a strong shared connection is rather essential. In sports events, especially, there is a lot of potential to promote your sponsors well. As sports events can easily grab the attention and expose the business of the sponsors to a wider set of audiences. Thus, improving their brand awareness and revenue substantially. 

So, if you have been looking out for ideas that you can use to promote your sponsors in sports events, this blog is for you. Keep reading until it’s a wrap. 

Top 5 Ideas That Can Promote Your Sponsors In Sports Events

1. Title Sponsors

The ones that make crucial contributions or investments in the sports events need special mentions, title sponsorship can well provide for it. 

Title sponsorships basically appear like, ‘XYZ’s Battle Of Stars’. Every time a presenter introduces the event or reveals the score, etc., he takes the name of the business of the sponsor. This creates an impact in the minds of the audience and induces them to check out the brand. Thus, boosting the ROI of the sponsors on their investment. 

2. Sponsor’s Wall

We all have noticed the background of presentation ceremonies and press conferences, it has tons of logos of the sponsors. It is yet again a smart strategy to promote the business of your sponsors and bring them into the spotlight. 

This option is particularly interesting for events as people love to watch their favorite players speak about the game and the awards that they were able to win. 

When brand logos appear on the sponsor’s wall they will automatically fetch the attention of the viewers. Thus, well promoting the business of the sponsors.

3. Showcase Them On Social Wall

Displaying a social wall is a smart strategy to boost the attention and engagement of an already excited audience. 

Create an event exclusive hashtag on your social media and ask your followers to use it and create content around the event. Now, through a social wall, you can collect all this content and display it on digital screens set up at the place of the event. 

Amid this content, place the posts of your sponsors too to be able to attract the attention of your spectators to the wall. Alternatively, you can also give them a dedicated space and enable showcasing their brand logos, tagline, or UGC to tempt the attendees to check them out. 

4. Promote Them Through Event App

Event apps help attendees feel confident, connected, and informed at your event. They are also a great way to engage your event sponsors, as you can seamlessly incorporate brands in your app’s schedule, push notifications, and more. Further, there are a number of ways in which you can incorporate your sponsors into your event app. 

For an instance, you can boost the visibility of your sponsors by giving them ad space on your event app. Alternatively, offer the whole cost of your app to activate exclusive branding in a sponsor’s name. 

5. Use RFID To Encourage Interactions With Attendees

If by any chance your event is equipped with Radio-Frequency Identification(RFID) technology, it gets even easier for the sponsors to connect with the attendees. 

In place of collecting the data from the attendees manually, sponsors can collect the data along with other things, with the swipe of a wristband or badge. This indicates that sponsors can engage with the audience both cost and time effectively. Furthermore, you can also see how many people are interacted at each sponsor’s station, so that you can know which brands attendees resonated with most. 

Benefits Of Showcasing Sponsors In Sports Events

  • Builds powerful relationship of the event organizer with the brand
  • Helps to get easy sponsorship for future events
  • Promotes the business of the sponsor easily and amplifies their business
  • Brings the sponsors to the notice of a wide audience

Over To You 

Sports have a huge following across the globe. The fanatics have an eye over any and everything that happens in the sphere, which is why promoting sponsors here becomes rather easy if done effectively. 

Further, every interaction at your event, irrespective of the duration, gives an opportunity to build memories for attendees that also involves the sponsors. Use these strategies to beat your competition by creating experiences that make sponsors and the audience fall in love.


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