Hair fall is a common problem in women nowadays. The reason for hair loss is due to deficiency of vitamins, minerals, pollution, hormones, and stress. Also, you can consult with the expert about the nature of hair fall and also ask hair transplant cost in Jaipur for treatment. In this article, you will be able to learn about the causes of hair loss, How to stop hair loss in women, and the natural treatment of hair loss.

How to Stop Hair Loss in Women


 1. Take a Balanced Diet 

It is essential to eat a balanced and healthy diet that is rich in proteins, minerals as well as fiber to prevent hair loss.

 2. Consume more Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 does not only help in the growth of hair but also aid in the moisturization of the hair follicles to prevent hair loss due to breakage.

 3. Oil Massage

Massage regularly on your hair to increase blood flow and also decrease the hair fall issue. Apply oil on your scalp overnight, then wash it off the following day with a mild shampoo.

 4. Avoid Stress

Stress could cause hair loss. It is advised to avoid stress in order to prevent hair loss.

 5. Daily Haircare

Regularly washing your hair and keeping it in good condition with natural products can help to reduce hair fall. Also, it will make your hair smooth and shiny.

 6. Regular Exercise

Regular exercise can benefit you to maintain fitness as well as strengthen your immune system. Additionally, it helps to improve blood flow to the scalp and can encourage hair growth.

7. Take Proper Sleep

Sleeping for at least 7 hours can boost your body in all aspects. It decreases stress and boosts your immune system. Insufficient sleep can lead to hair loss, so in order to stop the loss of hair, it is essential to take proper rest.

8. Drink Water

Drinking at least three liters of water a day will aid in reducing hair loss. It increases the flow of minerals, vitamins and it will help in hair growth.

Causes of Hair Loss in Women


1. Stress

The main reason for hair loss is stress. It can also result from the loss of a job, illness, divorce, or accident. It can affect other hormones that are present in the body that can cause hair loss. You can do yoga exercises, meditation, or even workouts to help reduce anxiety and stress.

2. Lack of Protein

It is the most common cause of the loss of hair. If you do not take protein, then there will be more breakdowns of protein in your body. It is necessary to add protein to your diet.

3. Vitamin Deficiency

Vitamin deficiencies are the most common reason for hair loss. It also can affect the growth of hair. The causes of hair loss can be from avoiding the food. You must add fruit and vegetables to your diet to reduce hair loss.

4. Weight Loss

A sudden weight loss could cause hair loss. If you’re not eating a proper nutrient diet, then it could cause weight loss and also can cause hair loss. It is essential to maintain a proper diet for hair growth. Telogen effluvium, as well as Alopecia areata, are among the most frequent kinds of hair loss that are caused by weight loss.

5. Increasing Age

Getting older day by day, the hair loss increases, and also the hair color is also changing.

6. Irresponsible Hair Styling

By applying hair styling products like hair straighteners, dryers, which make the hair dry and damaged hair, which eventually results in loss of hair.

Natural Remedies of Hair Loss


1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the most well-known oil to promote hair growth. It is full of minerals, carbohydrates, vitamin E, fatty acids, which help to maintain hair health. If you’re looking for silky hair, use it regularly to prevent hair loss.

2. Shikakai

It is an excellent source of vitamin C, antioxidants which can help you to keep your hair healthy and clean. What you can do is take two tablespoons of Shikakai powder, add coconut oil into it, mix it well. After that, apply it to your hair to prevent hair loss naturally.

3. Reetha

Reetha is an element utilized for hair treatment and is responsible for maintaining hair’s strength and health.

4. Amla

It is an ayurvedic substance used to keep the health of hair strong. It is high in iron, vitamins, fat acids, gallic acid, which aid in straightening the hair follicles, the greying of hair, and enhancing blood flow in the scalp. Make an amla paste, add some lime juice and mix it thoroughly, then apply the paste to hair and leave for 1 hour. After that, wash it with water.

5. Fenugreek

Fenugreek is an active ingredient that is utilized to prevent hair loss and also encourages hair growth. It is also referred to as methi seeds. You can make a paste of Methi seeds, apply it to your hair and leave for about an hour, and then rinse your hair with normal water.

6. Onion Juice

It can help you in the growth of hair and also prevents grey hair. You can make onion juice, apply it to your hair and leave for about half an hour, then rinse it off with shampoo.


After reading the article, you will be able to learn “How to stop hair loss in women.” You can follow and apply natural remedies to stop hair. It will help you to prevent hair loss, greying of hair, and breakage of hair.


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