Traveling without money is a real possibility! Now you have no excuse! You cannot imagine the number of people who travel without having a bank account and without any money saved. You don’t need to have a fortune or win the lottery to be able to travel, Pakistan tour packages you just need to win!

This time you will find recommendations to start traveling without money, you will have more than 40 ideas of activities that you can do to survive on the trip, and recommendations on everything I have learned about traveling without money.

How to start?

Every day they ask me how to start if I don’t have money, the fear of not being able to make the money to pay for a hotel and food is always present. One imagines lying in the street enduring cold and hunger. But good news so far, I’ve never had to sleep on the street and I hope I don’t have to. Although I remember when I left I was ready for anything. When you learn to work that fear decreases because even though you feel afraid that one day it will not work, you have 100% of the past stories that indicate that you can survive. At first, it was more difficult but it is getting easier.

The only important thing is that you do not wait for money, food or lodging to rain … whatever you want, you have to go out and look for it! 


My recommendation is to start traveling without money

  1. I started working, but with some money in the bank,  that gave me security, although I did not use it for anything, even if I did not have food to eat, it is a great peace of mind to have it there, it can also be used for when they ask for money at the entrance of the countries. (Although I must confess that out of 20 backpackers who work on the streets, maybe 1 trip with some saved savings.) And they asked me for a work visa in Ecuador, to enter Panama, and to enter Mexico.
  2. Another option is to volunteer, for that, I recommend that you use Worldpackers through the link you will have a 10 dollar discount and you can find volunteers around the world in many exciting trades.
  3. Most hostels offer to volunteer, you work for sleep and breakfast, if you are lucky they give you other meals, and maybe they give you an economic incentive, but the point is that you ensure food and sleep. If they don’t give you food, you can go to the restaurants and ask them to give you that food that they had leftover at the end of the day and that they could not sell and in the meantime, you manage to produce some money, when you become an expert you can become independent volunteering and travel with more freedom (choose work hours, travel dates, restaurants, etc.).
  4. I have always felt that going out to travel is like jumping from a paraglider or bongi jumping or something like that and on the way you learn by force!  No traveler goes out to travel knowing the trip, none has died of hunger, and you will not be the first, surely the need will get you to survive on the trip and little by little to become an expert backpacker. Initially, it can be distressing, but when you see that you can always do it, you will gain more security! And just like when you jump into the abyss, the important thing is to enjoy your fear, knowing that you will most likely land alive.
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Is it very difficult to travel as a backpacker?

What is difficult and what is easy? For me it is difficult to work in an office 8 hours a day, having a routine is difficult, eating every day in the same place and the same things is difficult. The routine kills me!

Now: working on the street, sometimes it is difficult, sometimes it is easy, of course, one place is not the same as another! There are places where people are more open and like to collaborate more, laugh more, share more, dream more, there are places where everything seems to go against each other, there are times when you get up on the wrong foot. But well that’s life, it has ups and downs. And if you don’t know what it is to have a bad time, you also don’t know what it is to have a good time. LIFE IS HARD, BUT IT IS ALSO EASY AND FASCINATING.


How did I start traveling without money?

I went on vacation there in 2012, to Peru, initially, I had money, not much, but I didn’t need to work, I even shared lunch with my travel companion, asked for a discount and we stayed in cheap places. But then I met a traveler who lived working at traffic lights. Then I discovered my motivation for life:


So without knowing much about this traveler, I went with him to the Peruvian jungle, and when he went to work at the traffic light I told him:

So we went to the marketplace we bought a pair of clown noses and we went to the traffic light! I started to release all the energy I had, 2 hours jumping every day and 100 soles every day. It was 2 months of that unforgettable experience, which I still remember with great joy.

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