Accent chairs go far and beyond serving as just a striking centrepiece. In fact, when exceptional design meets great practicality, they are the gift that keeps on giving. What is often first thought of as an eccentric sofa companion, also makes for an eye-catching, stand alone bedroom piece. Accent chairs can not only tie together any surrounding decor, but they can also be used as a way to create new spaces to enjoy.  

Practicality, colour and design

You should always keep practicality, colour and design in mind when selecting your accent chair. Certain uses will benefit from focusing more on one particular aspect over another. For example, if the sole intention behind your accent chair is to make a statement, you might prefer to concentrate on bold colours and design rather than concerning yourself over things like weight and practicality. 

If you intend on moving your piece around often, consider something with a lighter frame or weight. In contrast, if your chair serves as a design anchor and won’t be moved around much, you might wish to choose a larger accent chair which has more weight to it. 

Complementary and solitary pieces

Oftentimes, accent chairs can be used on their own to create a strong focal point in a room. However, larger bedrooms might benefit from having more than one. In the bedroom, one such example would be placing one on each end of the room, facing the bed. Doing this can help to tie in larger designs. They can also be paired up with complementary side tables to create comfortable corner spaces for working, reading and relaxing – amongst other things. 

Room separators

Accent chairs can also be used as room separation tools, especially chunkier designs. This is a great way to create new, functional bedroom spaces away from your bed. To create a clear boundary between your sleeping space and your new space, be sure to place the chair at a far enough distance. This way you can spend time in your bedroom area working or relaxing, without being tempted to get back into bed.   

Working areas

Pairing accent chairs with desks can help you create a work area which is both pleasant to the eye and practical. In this case, be sure to select one that’s light, comfortable and offers you plenty of back support. Depending on your preference, you may even want to go for one that has a swivel or height adjustment function to provide you with better mobility. 

Reading areas

A wonderful way to make use of an accent chair in the bedroom is by creating a reading area. If you want a piece where you can kick up your feet, sink into, or maybe even take a little nap, you might prefer to select a cosy lounging piece. Place these close to a bookshelf and a small table and you’ll have your very own reading corner. Some accent chairs, like the ball chair by pop design icon Eero Aarnio, offer a soundproof, encapsulated space entirely – the perfect place to curl up with a book and escape into another world. 

Coffee corners

Instead of having your first coffee in bed, why not enjoy it basking in the glorious sun? Coffee corners allow you to enjoy the morning light, without having to travel far from your warm bed. Creating a separate space to enjoy a cuppa is a great way to shift your mindset into starting the day. In this case, lighter framed designs with more back support will help set a clear boundary between sleep and relaxation areas. You might even want to make use of more than one accent chair to provide the option of someone joining you, as well as a small table to rest your drink on. 

Ultimately, whether your accent chair serves to be the star of the room, the quiet corner escape or just a companion chair to throw your clothes on, you’ll always be able to find one that meets your taste and needs.

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