Instant – where have you heard this term before? Maybe in a Maggi Noodles advertisement or somewhere in a marketing pitch. See where that term has come up? Attributed, of late, to the NFTs (non-fungible tokens). 

NFTs, if you wonder, are unique digital assets that hold proof-of-ownership of anything (let it be an image, video, or even a piece of land). Unlike typical digital assets, NFTs are scarce, and that’s a unique attribute of them. GIFs, tweets, virtual trading cards, photographs of tangible goods, video game skins, virtual real estate, and other digital artwork can be purchased and sold using NFTs.

Remember that one can launch literally anything as an NFT. But there are a few things to consider before launching. You’ll need to ascertain the time required to launch it, the necessary digital wallet, and accessibility. When it comes to the time required, GuardianLink’s instant NFT launchpad allows NFT admirers to launch their NFTs in a jiffy. Moreover, the NFT tech facilitator (GuardianLink) also deploys the avant-garde features in the launchpad. 

As an NFT admirer, this is quite exciting – almost the equivalent of a gourmet getting to watch a 2-Minute Maggi (noodles) preparation. One of the biggest advantages of GuardianLink’s instant launchpad is exactly just that – instant. With this launchpad, creators can get straight to the launch with the actual need for coding. It makes instant NFT launchpad perfect for fast-moving projects where creators need to make decisions on the hoof. When data is transferred quickly, people can act on it right away. And that boosts your productivity and efficiency right away.

The initial goal of an instant launchpad is to accelerate the NFT launch as quickly as possible. Apart from the launch, it also helps to ascertain how the collectors are interacting with it. Instant launchpad (from GuardianLink) has the ability to collect real-time trading data from the NFT marketplace, which will be enormous in ascertaining the reception of NFTs. 

Reading this blog, you may have this question – how fast is the term ‘instant’ in the NFT launchpad? The first and most obvious answer is that it varies depending on each project. Also, it depends on how pre-packaged an NFT project is. Or else it would obviously take time to build/launch an NFT from scratch. With traditional NFT launchpads, you can’t customize things much. GuardianLink’s instant NFT launchpad, however, is customizable and gives creators the opportunity to change things even on the cusp (of launch).

The Future of NFT launchpads:

There are some widespread predictions that the NFT market is just a passing fad. As Abraham Lincoln once said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it,” GuardianLink unlocked an avant-garde technology in the form of a no-code NFT launchpad. Creators launching their NFT platform through GuardianLink will enjoy drag-and-drop functionalities, creator-friendly tools, and much more. It ensures consistency and authenticity in the NFTs.

The platform’s Anti-rip AI Spyder technology and legitimacy protocol assure creators and collectors of the NFTs from duplication.

Instant NFT launchpad’s recent involvement:

GuardianLink, with its instant NFT launchpad, aims to advance the NFT space and bring it to the mainstream. By encompassing a whole new concept of “no-code” in NFTs, GuardianLink plans to make the NFT space accessible even to non-technical people. GuardianLink, a result/outcome of 4+ years of research & development (R&D) in Blockchain, has been extending its technological backing to numerous NFT projects. 

Notably, the recent Amitabh Bachchan’s NFT launch had its backing from GuardianLink. The Auction received record-breaking bids (from across the world) for a range of NFTs like Madhushala, BigB punks, vintage posters, etc. GuardianLink’s launchpad (BeyondLife.Club) for this auction is empowered by Anti-rip Copy technology and legitimacy framework. From what we saw, this auction is the first where the launchpad placed much emphasis on the protection of NFTs (from duplicators). 

Use cases of GuardianLink:

GuardianLink, an NFT Tech facilitator, has multiple use-cases fulfilling various NFT requirements. Apart from powering NFT projects with launchpads, they also develop marketplace platforms where creators & collectors can exchange their NFTs (for prices of their own). GuardianLink’s vision is to create safe and secure launchpads (for the NFT projects) – with only authentic and verified NFTs launched via the platform. 

With many sophisticated technologies and functionalities brewing in the pipeline, GuardianLink is heading towards what they’re intended to!


As you can see, the instant NFT launchpad is the way forward in the NFT space, and GuardianLink is one viable player to help with it. 

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