Smartphones, smartwatches and tablets are the new printing press. People are so fascinated when using smartphones that they forget even what’s around them. The National Safety Council reports that every 1 in 4 car accidents is to the use of smartphone. The reason basically is that smartphone applications are so interactive and engaging that people struggle to focus out of the smartphone world.

Apple being the pioneer in the smartphone world has always live up to the expectations of its customers, be it a stellar product or the ever growing Appstore apps. The price for a customised iOS application ranges from $0.99 to $2000. However if you want to reach a much wider audience, it is suggested that you should stick to android development. If you want to monetize your application perfectly, then iOS should be your go to platform. You can reach out to an iOS app development company to do it for you.

In this article we will enlist the new trends for iOS applications and will guide you on how you can leverage them to make the most out of those functionalities.

Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning

Machine learning & artificial intelligence were always considered the future technologies. Today they are proving their existence and are quickly becoming most used technologies in many industries.

For the smartphone world, AI and machine learning will supplement the human life and will expand our capabilities & capacities.

Social media giant like Facebook does use machine learning, the app’s algorithm analyzes user behaviour and offers content based on users’ interaction. Apple launched the CoreML (Core Machine Learning) that is integrated into Siri, QuickType and Camera.

What to learn from ML and AI?

  • Speech recognition
  • Deep learning
  • Accurate and reliable answer
  • Searching for suggestions

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The internet of things includes a lot of machines. It includes devices that interact with one another and go online without human intervention. IoT is used in logistics, agriculture, smart city systems, and help identify the heart diseases.

The essence of IoT technology revolves around gathering huge amounts of data, analyzing it and using it to improve the human interaction with the machines. It is integrated into many medical devices to help monitor patients.

Many iOS applications are designed to do the same, however if you integrate the functionalities of IoTs in your custom iOS application you can make the most out of them.

What to expect from IoT Trend?

  • Smart home
  • Seamless logistics
  • Better healthcare
  • Anglosphere

ARKit & the Augmented Reality

Apps like Pokémon Go and Snapchat have made augmented reality functionalities a desirable feature for many apps. Every enlivened cover and stickers on Instagram utilized by a huge number of supporters consistently are additionally AR innovation. Apple is no special case around here, and the organization offers ARKit 3 – a convenient device for making expanded reality encounters. In light of their energy utilization, such applications will work from iPhone XR, XS, and fresher models.

Apple additionally delivered Reality Composer, an increased reality editorial manager that permits you to foster applications even without a 3D plan insight. Also another instrument that merits focusing on is RealityKit, which gives incorporation of virtual articles into this present reality.

How can you leverage AR trends in iOS app development?

You can;

  • Improve illusion by placing virtual items at a set angle
  • Improve the capability of the device, use 2 or more camera simultaneously
  • Allow users to share experiences on the AR world map


Apple Pay

The primary arrival of iCloud was in 2011. Since that time, the innovation has turned into an imperative utility for all Apple gadgets. As may be obvious, this is certainly not another device. In any case, on the grounds that the quantity of iCloud clients expands each year, it very well may be unquestionably viewed as another huge iOS portable application advancement pattern.


iCloud moves information from your gadget to the cloud. For instance, you began working on a record on an iPhone, and you can keep on overseeing it on an iPad with a similar AppleID introduced. These days, bunches of utilizations use iCloud to further develop their exhibition. This permits the product to be more lightweight and deal with the wellbeing of clients’ basic data.

How to Incorporate Apple pay trend in your iOS application?

  • This technology can be used almost everywhere, it can be used to pay for club membership, make donations etc. keep this feature in your iOS application to enable cashless-purchases
  • Apple pay is highly secure all thanks to the impenetrable Apple structure. The feature does not store card details and is transparent throughout
  • Apple pay is available 24/7, advertise your app in such a way where you encourage users to make a purchase whenever they want



iBeacon is one of the most impressive innovations for sending Bluetooth signals between minimal guides. The activity standard is to such an extent that the guides convey Bluetooth messages to gadgets (tablets, telephones, and so on) inside their reach and are viable with Bluetooth Low Energy at ordinary spans.

We should think about this with a particular model. The client strolls past the store and disregards the advancements. Right now, the store’s sensors associate with their gadget and send a message pop-up. It can contain any text, source of inspiration, or general data. In this manner, iBeacon, as a recent fad in iOS application improvement, adds to the headway of advertising.

Such innovation is effectively apply in those spots where there are more hordes of individuals. For instance, at an arena, gallery, occasion, displays, etc. At the Camp Nou arena entrance, sensors are initiate if a gadget with the FC Barcelona application is situate inside a sweep, welcoming guests, proposing to purchase tickets, or offering advancements.

What makes the iBeacon trend possible?

It is accessible and many museums and buildings can adopt it.


Another current iOS advancement pattern for 2021 is ChatBot. Their principle center is self-administration and saving the customer’s time. For instance, Starbucks has delivered an application where the client determines what sort of espresso they might want to arrange, and the ChatBot processes the request, after which the customer just needs to go to the coffeehouse and get their espresso.

What makes ChatBot trend possible?

  • Increased throughput
  • 24/7 availability
  • New services



In the principal quarter of 2020, Apple sold over 7.6 million smartwatches around the world. In accordance with conjectures, deals will just increment before the finish of 2021, particularly thinking about that Apple has declared another series of Apple Watches that decide Covid disease indications. Simultaneously, wearable gadgets further develop correspondence. For instance, applications, for example, Telegram and Slack have adaptations for Apple Watch, which permit you to answer to messages without an iPhone. Have confidence, one more rewarding pattern in iOS improvement is smartwatch programming building.

What makes iBeacon trend possible?

  • Monitor health
  • Expands communication


Versatile application improvement patterns continue to work on each year. Refreshes and new advancements are coming out that permit organizations in different enterprises to flourish. To have a consistent and stable pay, a huge flood of clients, and gain an upper hand, you want to hold fast to the latest things in iOS app development.


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