Never thought running my own business would be that tough. When I resigned from my previous job it was mainly due to so much stress and overwork schedules, I thought of running my own business as an easy deal as I would my boss and thus will have no one to answer. But turn out it is much more than that.

Things are way tough and out of control since I have been on my own. I started this whole thing as a new idea thinking about the time when I was struggling as well with the same problem. I run a driving school. Well, honestly I thought of this as a good business deal as it is a successful business that can generate impressive revenue. But the management of a huge setup itself is a demanding job. One of the major issues that I faced at the start was vehicle damage and even one of the vehicles got stolen as well. That incident made me amend my business style and I started exploring new trends to keep an eye on the employees. One of the methods that sound fun was using employee monitoring apps like Remote Spy app in Android. The drivers were already given a smartphone by the organization so we thought of using this opportunity to keep a check on the employees.  The app that was first used for organizational sake turned out very beneficial for employees as well.

The main question that got my attention towards the spy app was that if I will be able to follow the tracks of my drivers both digital and on-ground with the help of the tool. TheOneSpy app not only proved to be the best app but it also provides many other features as well that made my work life much more relaxed and stress-free.

What Is TheOneSpy & How It Works:

TheOneSpy Remote Spy app on Android is a monitoring app that offers services to monitor the employees through the company-owned device. You can simply follow the instructions and install the app on the target employee’s gadgets. Make sure you have physical access at the time of the installation. Once installed all the monitoring can be done remotely and there is no need to physically access the device.

Being a cloud-based tool all the recordings are saved on the web portal of the TheOneSpy. User is given prior information and thus by using the information they can access the web portal whenever they want.

Follow Their Whereabouts:

One of the most demanding and excellent features offered by the spy app is the location tracking feature. GPS location tracking gives real-time pinpoint location reports of the target employees to the user. You can easily geo-tag and get relevant accurate information by using the spy app.  In case of any emergency or accident, you can send help immediately as you will know about the whereabouts and exact location of the driver and vehicles. In case of a stolen device (lost or theft), you can simply track the gadget and find the culprit easily to recover the device and data.

Keep Track Of Employees Digitally:

You can even keep track of your employees digitally as well with the help of the

Spy apps for Android phone. The various feature can be used for this purpose.  For example, one of the employees was skipping work and students even complained about the class sessions. With the help of the mic bug feature, you can listen to all the surroundings sound around the target employee. Moreover, one of the bully employees was fired right away as he was not showing a professional attitude against colleagues and students as well. There should be no compromise when it comes to providing a healthy environment for the students as well as fellow employees.

I am also using the social media monitoring feature to keep up with the social media marketing strategies of the driving school. Social media marketing and promotion is an easy way to reach the maximum audience in a minimum time. With the help of the Spy app in Android, you can keep a check on all the employees and productivity remotely without any hustle.


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