Java is a most sought-after programming language for web development and creating various platforms. While creating this language, the main aim was flexibility, so that programmers can write code that would run code on a machine regardless of its architecture or platform. Let’s look at the features, importance, uses, and various components of the Core Java programming language in this guest post.

Introduction To Java Programming

Java is a general-purpose, object-oriented, and class-based programming language that is designed so that its syntax is easier than C & C++. The Java code can be run securely on nearly any platform regardless of the operating system or the architecture. The only requirement is that the device should have Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on it. What JRE does is, run a virtual machine or environment on the device, that translates the code into a program or application. Due to this capability of Java, more and more students learn Java Programming language. For their assignment and project needs, they can contact BookMyEssay for Core Java Assignment Help.

An android operating system runs on a Java language environment, therefore Android app development is done using this programming language. OOP is said to be the backbone of Java programming. Without the knowledge of OOPs, you cannot proceed to learn Java. Prior knowledge of OOP will help to learn Java quickly rather than otherwise.

Java Version 8

Though many programming languages have tried to replace it or have criticized it many times with the release of Version 8 of Java on 18th March 2014 has clarified that Java is here to stay and is going strong. Especially this version has many mature libraries and tools that are not easy to replace. The experts preparing assignments and reports at BookMyEssay have all the information regarding these new tools and libraries. They provide update-to-date core Java assignment help to the students.


Java is used to develop applications and platforms for a number of devices like gaming consoles, medical monitoring devices, parking terminals, lottery meters, laptops, computers, car navigation systems, Blu ray systems, etc  Java is involved in networking too, particularly with data centers which are involved in storing and transferring of web-based data.

Programming Language


Java is used to develop miniature programs that run alongside web pages or are embedded in them. These programs are called applets and are used to display weather, maps, games, or interactive widgets on the web page. Core Java assignment help is provided to students keeping in mind the various features provided by the Java programming language.

Features that Makes Java A Language that is Here To Stay:

  1. Beginner Friendliness

Java was developed for Beginner Friendliness. Java is a high-level language that handles the most complex details of machine-like memory. Thus you can focus on programming rather than worrying about small details. Java requires a lot of coding before you can get a feasible program from it. Due to this requirement of Java, students go out of patience and are unable to complete the assignments in Java. Thus, to help them out BookMyEssay provides core Java assignment help at affordable prices.

  1. Scalability

Java is easy to maintain and it is a figural type of language. This means your code has to be checked for errors before, it can be used to build apps. Thus, it’s easy to track down errors in Java. It is a statistically typed language. It is faster than any other language as the definitions of various codes are much clear in this language. The performance of Java 0rograms can be optimized in real-time to help run Java programs faster. All thanks to just-in-time compilers (JIT) and updated JVMs.

Java and JavaScript

Although the names are similar, they both are different programming languages. They both are used to create dynamic tools and games on the web page. Java is a robust, sole programming language while JavaScript is a lightweight scripting language that adds functionality to the web page. You can use Free Plagiarism Checker for Teachers from the BookMyEssay as they never charge high prices.

Wrapping It Up

Java is a flexible language that can be run on any device regardless of its platform or architecture. Students are always fascinated to learn more about Java and make it their expertise. Since they are beginners, they require assistance in Java assignments. Core Java assignment help is brought to you by BookMyEssay, to help students understand and submit the assignment on time.

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