Whether large panes in white printing, brilliant backlit prints for city-light posters, or transparent, contour-cut stickers – with the new LED UV printer and 2x white ink, the new printing system delivers the highest level of ink coverage and impermeability in its class.

Equip with 6 colors (CMYKLcLm) plus two times white and a maximum resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi, the LED-UV large format printing system is suitable for high-quality graphics and image reproductions with high color accuracy and attention to detail. Particularly in backlit applications (backlighting) and printing on transparent foils with white as an underlay, the special printing features of the new LED UV printing system are evident. It guarantees brilliant, eye-catching “glowing” print results and offers agencies and service providers to prepress new opportunities in the implementation and delivery of print products for indoor and outdoor use.

What is multilayer printing?

Multilayer printing diagram (4 layers)In order to do more justice to technological features for special applications, such as 4-layer printing for lightboxes or double white printing on clear foils, we have expand our machine park to include an LED-UV large format printer.

Thanks to the new LED-UV technology, the printing inks are immediately dry and completely cure after the printing process. This means that several coordinate image files can be print one on top of the other in one print run. With the support of a software RIPS, the multilayers are positioned exactly on top of each other and sent to the printer. The number of layers is not limit, but the printing time increases per layer.

Backlit film = film was specially design for use in light boxes. It has a printable matt side and a glossy opposite side. Since the print is translucent, the film offers intense as well as rich and light colors.

Software-RIP = RIP is the abbreviation for Raster Image Processor. Vector graphics are convert into raster graphics using a program / software, or the resolution is recalculated.

Background information on UV white printing

1. Versatile graphics

Depending on the type of graphic motif and the creation of the different color layers by the graphic, so-call “adaptable graphics” can be produce with four layers, for example . When viewing incident light and / or transmit light, you will see different nuances of the image changed in color.

2. Different motifs on the front and back

Large double-side motifs are possible on transparent self-adhesive films. The motifs can differ from the front and back and can be read the right way round (not mirror images).
3. Print & Cut

Double-side stickers (e.g. window stickers) in freely definable size and contour. There are no limits to the free forms.

White ink twice

The possibility of the multi-layer structure of the color white (we print with 2x white) creates the basis for perfect prints on backlit materials and / or transparent surfaces . When using white inks, the printing system delivers the highest level of ink coverage and impermeability in its class and increases the brilliance and density of the colors when overprinting with process colors (CMYKLcLm). Depending on the require application, we can produce small to large-format print products in multiple layers from as little as 1 piece. Medium editions are economical due to the low production costs.

Commercially available printers only have black and colore ink cartridges or toner. White printing is a matter of course for professional printing machines.

Gold certification from Greenguard

According to the manufacturer, the newly develop UV ink is nickel-free with a low VOC content. It has a high color density, is more scratch-resistant, more resistant to chemicals and has GREENGUARD gold certification. Products with the golden Greenguard certificate meet strict requirements for the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and ensure that the product can be used in sensitive areas such as schools or healthcare facilities.

Which printing materials are possible?

In principle: The material to be print must not be thicker than 1.5 mm and is print from roll to roll. Rigid substrates are not possible. The printing of foreign materials is possible – please inquire beforehand.

  • white, transparent, colore foils
  • different materials for reflect and transmit light viewing (backlits)
  • Polyester fabrics, canvas fabrics
  • PVC banner materials, imitation leather, color vinyl

Typical applications

  • various printing materials for presentation systems for indoor and outdoor use
  • Illuminat advertising with or without 4-layer printing, City Light Poster (CLP)
  • Wallpaper print
  • Exhibition displays
  • Shop window advertising with different motifs on the front and back
  • Shop window advertising with selective transparencies up to white covering (opaque)
  • punch stickers with “Print & Cut”

All advantages of the new printing system at a glance

  • wide range of different substrates, e. B canvas, fabrics, foils, PVC tarpaulins, imitation leather
  • high abrasion/scratch resistance of the printing ink on flexible substrates
  • The printing inks are IMMEDIATELY dry and harden after printing, no more airing necessary
  • Prints can be sent immediately after printing
  • Multilayer printing
  • it is print with 2x white (100% opaque)
  • maximum print width 1.60 m
  • The LED-UV technology is free of ozone and heavy metals, does not contain any air pollutants and corresponds to the EU chemicals  regulation REACH ( 1907/2006 / EG)
  • Print & Cut function for the production of stickers – also in 4-layer technology
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