Looking for a solution to thrive your business in this new age market? On-demand apps have got you covered. Currently, on-demand apps are the people’s reliable option for getting anything they need, while it also accounts for improved business efficiency for organizations. Introducing you to the Gojek Clone app – a one-stop solution that fits all of your needs. 

Grounds justifying the launch of an on-demand app

Today’s world relies much on digital platforms, which pose to be the face of the future. Many businesses have realized this and have taken their services online leveraging innovative technology. Besides serving as a cost-effective mode, it also greatly reduces the efforts of the users in meeting their needs. Some of the obvious reasons are jotted down below.

  • Easy access and convenient to use it from anywhere 
  • Daily needs are met rightly without a hitch
  • All details regarding the product are available at the fingertips that users don’t have the need to go in search of it.
  • Incessant supply of products any time
  • Businesses can inculcate their creative ideas easily with a digital solution in hand
  • Offers scope to unlock the potential of the on-demand market
  • Super-fast deliveries ensure customer satisfaction

On looking at all this, it is certain that initiating an on-demand business is a sure-fire way to engrave your brand in the hearts of your customers.

Throwing Light on the current position of the On-demand market

As mobile apps are growing increasingly popular with each passing day, here are some figures that support the same.

  • According to Statista, mobile apps are projected to generate $935 billion, which is double that of $461 billion in 2019.
  • Consumers are contributing $57.6 billion to the on-demand economy annually.

What do you think is the reason for this stupendous growth of the on-demand apps? It’s nothing but the convenience, satisfaction, and flexibility to do things anytime, anywhere they want.

Stand your on-demand business with a super app solution like Gojek

Gojek clone

Create a super app using a white-label solution like Gojek clone and offer 60+ services in a single spot. Be the one-stop destination for your customer.

Taxi Booking

The customers can make bookings of the ride in your app on the go. It can also include carpooling and taxi rental services.

Eatables delivery Services

Bestow them the option to make orders of food, groceries, wine, etc., from the nearby shops through their mobile applications.

Parcel/Courier Delivery

Get the packages delivered to the customers on time and be a reliable source of a service provider.

On-demand Service

Any on-demand services like Beautician, Car washing, Handyman, Electrician, and many others can be offered through an app like Gojek.

Key Aspects To Be Tucked In An App Like Gojek

To make it likable and usable for customers, you should imbed certain aspects in the app. And below mentioned is a list of what they are.

Push Notifications

Through push notifications, you can inform your customers about the deals and the new services you add to your app. This acts as a marketing tool while also regular updates keep your customers engaged with the app.

Booking Module

This feature assists users in booking services that they require. Further to elevate the experience, you can display the list of the few bookings made by the customers and make it easy for them to select the services they need. 

Geo-Location Feature

Integrating with GPS feature allows customers to track the progress of the order and keeps them well informed on every step until the item reaches the customer’s hands.

Wish List

Whenever a customer comes across any items they might need in the future, they can add them to their wishlist. Later they can move to the cart and proceed for checkout.

Online Payment Facility

There is a dire need for secure transactions as most of them prefer digital payments in the platform. Therefore, facilitate smooth, secure, and instant payments.

Review and Rating

Reviews and rating option helps greatly in getting real-time feedback from the customers from which you can get to know your drawbacks and improvise on them.

Activity Log

All the past activities and the order log of the users can be displayed with all the relevant information through this option.

Finally, What Are The Perks Of Developing An On-Demand Gojek Clone App?

One-stop solution

With a super-app like Gojek, users don’t have to search in different places to acquire different services. They can find it all in one place in your Gojek clone.

Save storage space

Instead of downloading and keeping multiple apps that consume a lot of space, a single app like Gojek can be the right fit to satisfy all the needs in one place.

Better pricing

The app space displays a number of service providers. Since there is heavy competition as multiple vendors are present, the users have the chance of acquiring services at competitive prices.

Final Say,

On the whole, the arena of on-demand apps is blossoming with revolutionary advancements each passing day. From the above-furnished details, you would have got an insight into developing a Gojek like app. Start your hunt for finding the right development partner and launch your on-demand app in no time.

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