When Canada chose to legalize cannabis for recreational purposes in 2018, the delivery of good quality cannabis and cannabis products to the many enthusiasts of this wonder plant was a big issue. Delivery service providers had to take time to prepare cannabis before shipping.

It is good to note at this point that on the road to the legalization of cannabis, for as far as 2001, mail-ordered cannabis for medical purposes was allowed. The provision of this service required that regulations concerning the strict handling of cannabis be included. And now, as it stands, those involved in the core logistics have to use many shipping regulations together with the additional conditions provided by the “Cannabis act.”

The act has occasioned the addition of cannabis topicals, tinctures, extracts, and edibles which has necessitated the increased advocacy for more regulations in some quarters. But in line with the context of this compilation, what factors should you consider if you will mail order cannabis in Canada?

The Basic knowledge of mailing CBD edibles in Canada that you should know

As expected, the health ministry of Canada has rolled out sets of strict regulations to be put in place for the delivery of cannabis. If you are in Canada and you own a business or are a customer, these are the set of rules or factors to consider so you save yourself from trouble in the long run.

What type of businesses can ship cannabis?

One of the first things to consider is that not everyone is licensed to ship cannabis. You have to be sure your supplier has been licensed to deal in cannabis. This producer must, of course, be approved by the health ministry in Canada, and they also have to be listed on the ministry’s network.

Different provinces in Canada have different distribution plans, and they are always properly outlined. All you have to do is make sure you do your research and note that Canadians can buy good-quality cannabis online and have these products shipped to them.

Has Covid-19 impacted the business of delivering cannabis?

As expected, in line with the effects of coronavirus on many businesses, retail offices were mandated to be closed in the country. However, government officials would later announce that the delivery of cannabis and its many derivatives would be made available during the pandemic.

In the long run, the online delivery of the best quality cannabis may be at the prerogative of your suppliers. It is also advised that legal suppliers of cannabis continue to abide by the existing rules. Ensure that cannabis is not sold to anyone below the legal age requirement in the provinces.

Can you ship edibles with any courier?

As long as cannabis or its product was purchased and grown from a licensed producer and at home, respectively, then you have nothing to worry about. And yes! You can choose to ship edibles, extracts, topicals, etc. in so far, it was supplied by a licensed producer.  Although, it is good to note that there are limits on the number of products shipped per time. This depends on the type of products anyway.

Why Should you purchase cannabis legally?

You do not want to battle with the consequences of buying cannabis illegally. When you purchase good quality cannabis online and have them mailed to you, you get to consume safe products and ensure that you keep profits off the hands of criminals. Organized crime groups use illegally selling weed to finance other illegal criminal activities.

How will your online orders be delivered?

For mail order cannabis in Canada, there are standard operating procedures that stipulate certain rules, laws, regulations, and guidelines to ensure safe sale and distribution in the different provinces. It is the sole responsibility of distributors to ensure the good quality of their products.  With such mail orders, you can also buy rechargeable disposable vape pens and other products easily.

Finally, you should note that all online deliveries of cannabis and related products must follow certain requirements. It must be child-proof, must be odorless, and must contain an excise stamp fixed on it to ensure quality.

It has also been stipulated that there must be a security feature on the package. This ensures that consumers can ascertain that their orders have not been tampered with before receiving the package. The package should come in unmarked shipment packaging, and no indicator of its contents must be provided.


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