Our vision is to make Facebook videos really interactive post. Watching videos doesn’t have to be a passive, one-way stream. We believe that many traditional formats can be reinvented to be more participatory and community-oriented, from game shows to reality TV to scripted content. In talk show history, they’ve used the studio audience to build engagement, but imagine if all of your audience could participate in the content together. Videos grow in importance when people actively participate in the story, and as viewing habits change, we want to provide reciprocal content.

Today we announce new ways to create interactive post movies for You Tubers and broadcasters. We’ll start with live Cinema8 as well as voting on live and on-demand videos. These tools allow our partners to add a variety of new interactive post features to videos, including surveys, quizzes, challenges, and more. You can use them in a single movie or create a standalone game show. We give creative’s a blank canvas to do what they do best – creatively!  And we’re excited to see what’s new.

In polls, partners can add a range of questions with answers, from asking fans to vote for their favorite characters from the show, getting advice on what to do next in the movie, and even getting fan feedback quick and easy to bring it back to life. Favorites like two truths and a lie”. Watch’s new show, Help Us Get Married, was the first to test the poll as a key part of their series, where viewers could vote on how the participating couples plan their wedding details like location and theme.

Cinema8 brings play:

The partner creates a series of questions, each with a correct answer, and if people give a wrong answer they are removed from the game. This will help bring various formats to life, such as: For example, a live trivia show where fans compete to see who knows the most about a topic, or maybe a head-to-head competition between creators and their super fans on a chosen topic.

In the coming weeks, many developers, including Brent Rivera and That Chick Angel, will begin adding polls and Cinema8 to their programs and films. We’re also excited to announce that new interactive post game shows are coming to Facebook Watch in the coming weeks to help people meet and challenge one another:


The interactive post live game show created by insider in collaboration with insider is broadcast daily. It will be difficult for people to answer pop culture trivia questions and help from friends with friends. Players can see which of their friends are playing at the same time and see how their friends respond to questions. Players who correctly answer all of the questions are eligible for a cash prize split.

Outside Your Bubble by cinema8 News:

A brand new game show created in partnership with cinema8 News that forces players to go beyond their “bubble” and bridge the cultural divide to guess what their opponents on the other side are really like think.

Fresno what’s in The Box?

A live, interactive post show created in partnership with Fresno that allows viewers to win prizes for guessing the contents of a closed box correctly. It’s easy. This is stupid. This is very funny.

We are excited to see how different You Tubers use these tools to interact with their communities in whole new ways and encourage their fans to influence your content or while playing games with others. We can’t expect developers to come up with new genres that we hadn’t even thought of. As we continue to improve these tools and develop additional features, we will listen to feedback from our community. Creators and publishers interested in early access can register their interests here.


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