Almost all men look good at any time of day, no matter what time of day it is. If you think of Cary Grant, Ryan Gosling, Stephen McQueen, or Frank Sinatra, for example, you might think of them as effortlessly stylish. If you are familiar with these shopping secrets, it will be possible for you to create a similar visual effect without spending a large amount of money or hiring a stylist.

Baby, It’s All About The Shoes.

Why are women so obsessed with shoes? Since shoes are a major part of a woman’s life, it is inevitable that they will notice what you are wearing. A good rule of thumb is to have a minimum of three pairs of shoes on hand at all times. A dress shoe should always be dark brown for jeans and a casual shoe should always be black. There is also the need for one pair of sophisticated black dress shoes to wear at more formal events. Keep a clean pair of white cross-trainers on hand for sporty activities, and some cool-looking sandals for summer events. Never combine sports clothing with formal shoes or vice versa; ladies WILL notice your shoes, and if you’re wearing some terrible kicks, she’ll swiftly dismiss you as a person who lacks style.

Don’t Be Averse To Accessorizing.

A few unique accessories, such as a great watch or an unusual necklace or bracelet, can boost your total sex appeal. Don’t go overboard with the glitter aspect, and always choose accessories that complement your entire style and look. Wear no more than three accessories at a time, following the rule of threes.

Get a Professional Haircut.

In maintaining a consistent hairstyle, you should have your hair cut by the same hairdresser at least every two to three weeks. Men usually cut my hair better than women since they are more on track with my style, while women will take you on a more experimental journey and cut you more femininely. You can find some reviews online about good hairdressers in your area by doing some research online. Look through a few men’s magazines to pick a style you like, then present it to your hairdresser when you walk in and request a comparable style. Oh, and don’t forget to give him at least a few bucks if he did a nice job, and keep returning to the same person every few weeks.

Should I Invest in a Tie?

Yes, ties are really fashionable right now, and ladies find them enticing; you may wear them to work or on a night out. The wearing of a tie is not restricted to those who are in a suit. Wearing excellent jeans, a blazer jacket, and a smart tie may be a really trendy and fashionable style that ladies will notice. Don’t be afraid to experiment with ties in bright colors and patterns; you’ll stick out in a positive manner among ladies.

Should I Beard or Should I Not Beard?

A full beard may be a little much, but a little amount of facial hair can be extremely appealing to ladies; just make sure you buy yourself a beautiful electric beard trimmer to keep it all clipped and clean. Ladies are turned off by unkempt facial hair because it demonstrates a lack of class and carelessness. In general, most women like clean-shaven males. Some five o’clock shadow or a lovely trim goatee may do the job.

With the Right Fit, You’ll Be a Hit.

Wearing garments that do not fit correctly is perhaps the most common issue I find with men’s apparel. You can make your appearance and feel more attractive by wearing properly fitted clothing. It’s time to spend a few dollars and get a new wardrobe. You should not wear your older brother’s hand-me-downs or clothes that weren’t your size. To fully come up to speed, you’ll only need approximately 3-4 good outfits and at least 3 pairs of quality shoes. You should wear clothes that are snug but don’t feel tight or uncomfortable, rather fitted to the contours of your body. Don’t be one of the males that wear apparel that is excessively big and baggy for their bodies. Good fitting clothing will make you seem much sharper; as well as make you feel more confident and comfortable, which ladies will notice.


When you go out, try to wear at least one one-of-a-kind item or accessory, such as a watch, bracelet, hat, necklace, and so on. The item should be unique enough to stand out from the ordinary clothing you see people wearing. This serves two objectives. First, it’s known as the peacocking hypothesis. It states that you should wear something so unusual that women will stop you and inquire about it. Or if you’re already chatting to a lady, it may serve as a wonderful discussion piece. Second, you may be seen as being unusual and intriguing; telling a nice little narrative about the item may also give a lot of dimension to your personality.

Never Combine Apples With Oranges.

If you have a casual style on top with a great dress shirt but a sporty look on the bottom with track pants, you’re on the wrong track. Check its pockets to put your cigarette box if you are a smoker. Maintain three key divisions in your closet: casual attire, athletic gear, and formal dress. Also, when it comes to color, the rule of three applies; you should never wear more than three colors at once unless you want to appear like a box of skittles. Keep things basic and consistent at all times.

Overdressing Is Better Than Underdressing.

If you have the option of being a little overdressed or underdressed, select overdressed. It will serve you to put your cigarette boxes in pockets. Sure, you may stick out a little. But believe me when I say that ladies are highly fashion savvy and will notice and appreciate the work you put in to look your best. You may even strike up a discussion with a bunch of girls. Being the focus of attention is always preferable to seem like someone who doesn’t care about his looks.1

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