Every year, it seems to website owners that nothing new can emerge from contemporary web design trends. However, every year, new trends emerge that are worth watching. Here are the web design trends worth knowing and adopting in 2021 to improve the performance of your website.

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It should also be said that the introduction of new web design trends quickly brings results. This is because it was the average user who influenced the formation of these modern trends. By incorporating the new web design trends of 2021, you will please your users and build a bridge to their hearts and minds.

Let’s get back to business and consider what web trends our web development company is highlighting for 2021.

11 Important Web Design Trends to Watch in 2021

Some web design trends are transient, others remain forever. Today, we’d like to show you a selection of the 11 best trends that, according to our web designers, will revolutionize the world of web development.

1. Dark Mode

Dark Mode is a trend that started spreading even before 2020. It lasts until 2021 and will remain for the foreseeable future. Black is a versatile and timeless style. Remember when black tuxedos and little black dresses went out of style? Never! The same is true for dark patterns. A black background will look great on any website.

Even popular social networks have added the option of “dark” and “light” patterns. For those who are indecisive, these two browsing options are a great alternative to adding just a dark mode.

2. Voice User Interface

Voice User Interface (VUI) is also a hot trend. It was created in the last few years, but has blossomed in full force in the last few years. Our entire world is becoming faster and faster every year. Cars are being designed to go faster, the Internet is becoming super fast, and so on. In this maelstrom, users want to find the information they need quickly. To do this, they often use voice search. Voice search accounts for almost half of all queries on the Internet.
In 2021, sites optimized for voice search will be able to hit the trends exactly right, thanks to the voice user interface. Add voice chatbots, voice search accessibility and virtual assistants to your website to improve the user experience.
Voice User Interface

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3. Website load times

Even if you think we’re wrong to include load times in our web design trends for 2021, hear us out This may seem like old advice. However, the speed of your website is directly dependent on the functionality and design of your website.
All web design trends are basically designed to reduce your site’s loading time to about 2 seconds. The faster your site is, the more likely users will stay on your site and become your customers.

4. Asymmetrical Layout

Creating websites based on a grid layout has been the norm for decades, but it’s time to change. Do you want to be stylish? Then forget about strict clarity and classic structure. Asymmetrical layouts are an unconventional approach to website design that allows visitors to focus on the main elements of the site.

Use asymmetrical design to build your website to draw attention to your brand and create a unique design.

5. Photography + Graphics

Using a combination of photography and graphics on your website will be a good indicator that you are following the trends in web design. The main role is placed on your imagination and the use of high quality photos.

As you know, photos can carry more information than simple text. Now imagine how cool it will be when you can mix your images and graphics together. This will convey all the information about you and your services as accurately as possible, using only images. Photography + graphics is a great combination that will keep the attention of your visitors and make your website unique and modern.

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