In view of the fussing swell of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19 or the new Coronavirus) the world over with the worst affected country USA having a alternate surge and in India, Brazil and others the infections going unabated despair for treatment measures is growing all the time. Either, the World Health Organization (WHO) has been constantly maintaining that possibility of having a vaccine is at least one and half times down. The WHO has also maintained that there’s no proven cure for COVID-19 so far. The introductory reason that justifies similar kind of despair is that this contagion is far more dangerous than the recent contagions, its mortality rate nearly 10 times advanced than those. The contagion has caused annihilation on earth Earth before the humans came to understand and know important about it. Thus, colorful issues concerning herd impunity, tube remedy, development of vaccines and use of molnupiravir uk are being bandied and experimented continuously each over the globe.

The term’ herd impunity’ principally means that if utmost part of the population becomes vulnerable to a particular contagious complaint also they will get circular protection than those who aren’t vulnerable to it. For illustration, if 80 of the population gets impunity also four out of five people will not get sick despite coming into contact with infected people. At least 70 to 90 impunity will be needed for effective herd impunity that can keep the contagion under control. The problems come when talking about how to achieve this herd impunity. There are two ways of achieving herd impunity with preventives and social morals not being followed rigorously a large portion of the population is likely to get infected and if it’s at least 70, the population can get herd impunity, and secondly, simply through the development of a vaccine. In the first case the cost of a large number of people getting infected will be veritably heavy and high in terms of loss of lives. In India and other vibrant countries large gobbets of population are susceptible or exposed to the contagion, and to achieve herd impunity through the first way isn’t judicious at all. Thus, the only way to achieve this would be through a developed vaccine, and till it’s ready for mass use the infections must be kept under control by administering strict social distancing and other morals.

Tube Remedy has been arising as a veritably positive development for treating serious COVID-19 cases where the blood tube is collected from recovered Coronavirus cases is fitted into them and theanti-bodies contained in that helps curing them. In India, this remedy is being rehearsed with good results; tube banks are being established in Delhi, Haryana and Maharashtra among others with requests to recovered cases to contribute tube. In fact, the Health Minister of Delhi who got seriously ill with COVID-19 recovered eventually with this remedy.

The WHO has quested veritably strict procedures for development of COVID Vaccines the produced vaccine has to go through three rigorous phases of clinical trials with adding figures of mortal levies given boluses before being declared safe for use which would take several months piecemeal from the months demanded for mass manufacture and distribution. At the moment there are around 100 vaccine campaigners the world over including seven enterprises in India with a many of them formerly approved for clinical mortal trials the Oxford vaccine developed in the United Kingdom presently in the third phase of trial; CureVac from Germany approved for clinical trials; a Russian COVID vaccine claims to have successfully completed the three phases of mortal trial and now ready for mass product and at least two vaccines on trials in India with the first- ever Indian vaccine seeker Covaxin by Bharat Biotech getting blessing from the Medicine Controller General of India (DCGI) for mortal trials. In fact, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the apex medical body, created a contestation lately by directing the stakeholders to gormandize- track Covaxin making it ready for mass use by 15th of August 2020 which was instantly rebuffed by the Government of India. It’s to be emphasized then that indeed if a vaccine is eventually approved for mass use its effectiveness will still be under scanner, because every vaccine mutates frequently and so, there’s no guarantee that a vaccinated person will not get COVID-19 in conceivably a time or further.

As an integral part of the hopeless hunt for COVID cures or treatments colorful repurposed medicines have been tried continuously for treating the SARS-CoV-2 contagion. Hydroxychloroquine, a medicine used successfully for treatment of malaria in India, was first tried on the infected medical fraternity leading to a spree of exports by India on demand from colorful countries including the US. Still, eventually, the WHO has discontinued its trials in July 2020 for reasons of side goods and safety. Antiviral medicine Favipiravir, firstly produced in Japan to fight influenza, under the name of Fabiflu distributed by Glenmark Pharma was officially approved in June 2020 to treat mild to moderate Corona cases in several countries. Still, its side goods are under scanner and the DCGI has only approved exigency use with conventions.

The WHO has been veritably hopeful on the efficacity of a corticosteroid called molnupiravir online  as a life- saving drug for critically ill Corona cases grounded on the clinical trial in the United Kingdom. Since Dexamethasone is principally ananti-inflammatory medicine its use is only to cut mortality rates in cases taking oxygen or ventilator support. Another antiviral medicine, Remdesivir (Covifor) produced by Gilead Lores is so far the only accepted drug for treatment of COVID-19 given blessing by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and lately distributed in India too that led to a mode with reported black marketing. Still, this drug not for public purchase in druggists, and only for force to hospitals for croakers to define under discretion for serious COVID cases. The overall safety of the medicine is yet to be proved however.

Hopeless times call for hopeless measures. And the hunt for a possible cure for the killer contagion goes on. In the meantime, humankind must acclimatize to the new normal following strict social distancing morals and other preventives, for at least a time more, hopefully.

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