In terms of making a long-haul investment in the capital city of Islamabad, the best option is in the real estate industry. Pakistan’s real estate industry provides numerous investment opportunities and can provide a stable source of income if invested wisely. 


 New ventures in the capital’s real estate market are being developed daily. But not all of them can be a good investment option. Before investing in a project, investors should do thorough research and make sure the project has the CDA’s NOC approval.  

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     Islamabad has a lot to offer other than the various investment options. The beautiful view and serene environment, vantage point eateries, and the international standard of lifestyle are a few perks that lure in investors and buyers from all over the country. Other reasons why more people want to live or own real estate assets in Islamabad are mentioned below  

Living in the Country’s Capital 

     The best part of living in the capital is the absence of traffic jams. The city’s structural framework makes it possible for the residents to enjoy a peaceful life. The city also offers ample green open spaces, active recreational spaces, trendy structures, and well-maintained infrastructure. 

     The capital also has an abundance of alluring and airy residences instead of cluttered apartment complexes. These homes add to the aesthetic of the capital and owning a house in Islamabad also lets you enjoy perks such as high security. Since the capital is home to numerous international embassies and government offices, the security is very tight, making it Pakistan’s safest city to live in. As a result, the crime rate in the capital is also lower as compared to other major cities.  

Ease of Access to Urbanized Facilities 

   Living in the capital means that residents will have access to the country’s finest services and facilities. The city has an abundance of elite school systems and since the students in these schools belong to high-profile families, their standard of education is unmatched. Most elite schools also offer scholarship programs for those who cannot afford them.  

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   People living in the capital also have access to the best medical facilities and hospitals in the country. Apart from that, the city also offers various tourist and amusement spots to unwind from the hassle of everyday life. In short, the city provides everything an individual could need to live a high-end lifestyle.  

Tourist Destination 

     Other than being a local favorite, the capital is also a beloved tourist destination. It can be said that tourism is the backbone of the city’s economy. And since the capital is a favored tourist destination, investing in the city’s real estate market could provide investors with many advantages. 

     With tourists regularly visiting the city, investing in rental properties in Islamabad is a better option than investing elsewhere. The city has several tourist spots such as the Faisal Masjid, The Monument of Pakistan, and vantage-point eateries and resorts like Monal and Highland. The city also offers 5-star hotels for tourists looking to spend their days in comfort and luxury including Islamabad Serena Hotel, Islamabad Marriott Hotel, and Pearl Continental Hotel.    

     The capital city also serves as a refueling stop for tourists going up north. Travelers from all over the country and worldwide land in Islamabad and then rent our jeeps to continue their journey. With the inauguration of new highways, it has been easier for travelers to reach Murree, Ayyubia, Bhurban, Nathia Galli, and other northern regions. 

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Exceptional Profit Return Rate  

    Lastly, one of the perks of investing in the country’s capital is the profit return rate. Rental properties are a great investment because the city has a lot to offer and more and more people are shifting here. Since not everyone can afford their own place, most people seek out rental properties.  

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    Although most rental properties generate a good return rate, it’s best to first research which areas people prefer living the most in Islamabad. If the location and the condition of the house are top-notch, the property will generate more rent comparatively  



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