What is Fantasy Football?


Legendary football has gained tremendous popularity over the years. But what exactly is it? You have to choose a visible team – a total of 11 players from two teams competing for a particular game. The quality of your team in the tournament will depend on the performance of the actual players selected from your football team. The chances of your team getting extra points in a fictional football game will be greater if you select players based on their latest form, competing teams, competing teams, their recent history, a list of injured players, and many other such important features. The Indian football field also looks good and prospers every day. You can enjoy fun football today in various areas of Indian fantasy football. The dream of 2020 football is sure to reach many people and reach a high level of popularity.


How can you build a fun football team?


Creating a popular soccer team requires a certain amount of football knowledge, the ability to analyze various factors such as the latest type of players, competition between two teams, and so on.


At BMG, one of the best football legends of 2020, to establish your own soccer team, you must first choose a game. Then join any tournament, such as the free one with the free 2020 football team, to get the game selected to play fair football. Here, you need to select eleven players from your official soccer team. Players can be selected from the ranks of goalkeepers (1), defenders (3-5), midfielders (3-5), and strikers / strikers (1-3).


Another thing to keep in mind when choosing your football team is that you have a total of 100 points that you can do that. Credit points are awarded to each player, so be sure to select the best players within the 100-point credit limit. The chosen captain and deputy captain of your legendary team will make a huge difference in total points, as the captain will receive 2x points and the deputy captain 1.5x.


Can I change my squad once I have selected it?

Yes, you can change the selected football team after selecting it. But every tournament will have a deadline to select / change a team. The deadline is the time to start the game. So, make sure you choose the best football team before the start of the games.


What is BMG India’s football scoring system?

The points system in the Indian football app BMG is so good that the elected captain gets 2x points while the vice captain gets 1.5x points. So, these two players will make a big difference in the number of points your team gets; choose wisely. You can play good football for money on 100% Indian Fantasy Sports Platform, BMG.


The following is how the points will be distributed to each player in one of the 2020 best football venues, BMG: Play Time:


Player 55 minutes or more – 2

Less than 55 – 1 minutes




  • For all goals scored – 10 (GK / Defender)
  • Of all the goals scored – 9 (Midfielder)
  • Of all the goals scored – 8 (Forward)
  • For each aid – 5
  • In all 10 finished lands – 0.5
  • For every 2 rifles aimed at – 1




  • Clean Sheet – 1 (Stomach Player)
  • Clean Sheet – 5 (GK / Defender)
  • In all 3 saved photos – 2 (GK)
  • For each savings payment – 9 (GK)
  • Of all the 3 achievements made – 1


Cards & Other Penalties:


  • Yellow card – (-1)
  • Red card – (-3)
  • In all our goal – (-2)
  • For all 2 goals conceded – (-1) (GK / Defender)
  • For every missed cents – (-2)


Can my team lose points?

Yes, your team could lose points if one of your players gets a penalty. The following are situations in which a player of your mythical team can call you important points:


If any player is shown a yellow or red card for foul play, your team will lose 1 point and 3 points respectively. Scoring is beneficial; but if it is your goal, your mythical team will be punished by 2 points. For every two goals you concede, your goalkeeper and defenders will be penalized with 1 point each. Although losing the penalty will cost 2 points. If you feel like you could lose, please try to play free tournaments with your free 2020 football team.


If any of the above scenarios do not happen, your mythological team will not be lost.


How to download Indian fantasy football BMG App to play Fantasy Football?

To enjoy the best football, you need to download the baazi apk. Available for Android and iOS users. Visit one of the best 2020 soccer venues, BMG and download the version that comes with your phone. Not only can you participate in cash-strapped tournaments, but you can also play good football for free by joining free tournaments.


Start your soccer journey and earn Real Money Only at BMG – India’s best football program!


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