Sex gives you pleasure. But it can be energy-draining too. After having it, you may feel lazy and tired. You might need to sleep soon. But do not go directly for sleep after sex. You must follow a post-sex routine to keep your vagina healthy. When your vagina remains healthy, you can be happy too.

In this article, we will tell you the tips that you should practice after sex. They can protect you from various health conditions. To know about them, keep reading the article. If you have any complaints related to sex, you can visit the Best Sexologist in Lahore.


Taking shower right after sex may not be an option for you. Therefore you can wash your genitals. Do that with plain water. Or you can use a mild soap. But do not use any soap with harsh chemicals. Cleaning yourself after sex can help you protect against urinary tract infections that are common in women. During sex, the penis can push germs upwards towards the bladder, eventually causing urinary tract infection.

Do not Douche

Many women think that douching can help them clean with pre-packaged fluids. But that is not the case. When you douche, it can cause an alteration in the normal pH, causing an abnormality in bacterial flora. Therefore you should try avoiding douching after sex. Just wash it with plain water or a mild soap. A mild smell from your vagina is okay and does not indicate any problem.

Empty Your Bladder

During sex, the penis can push the bacteria upside towards your bladder, which can cause a urinary tract infection. To prevent that, a good idea is you urinate right after sex. Drink a glass of water before sex so that you can pee after it. Emptying your bladder can help flush out toxins, which in turn prevents urinary tract infections. Women are also at increased risk of urinary tract infections.

Loose Fitting Clothes

After you are done with sex, it is better to avoid wearing tight undies. Instead of that, you can wear loose-fitting clothes and not wear underwear. You can also opt for wearing nothing in the bottom as it can let air pass. Moreover, you should wear clothes after sex that let the air pass through.

Drink a Glass of Water

Post sex, you should urinate once or more so that your bladder can flush out the germs. Therefore you should drink at least a glass of water or more after sex. It can help prevent urinary tract infections.

Wash Your Hands

During sex, you may catch bacteria or germs on your hands due to touching the genitals of your partner. If you touch other surfaces, you can transmit those germs to other people. Therefore you and your partner, both should wash their hands right after sex.

Get Yourself Tested

If you have multiple sex partners or have a new partner, you both should get tested often for sexually transmitted diseases. Often they do not show any signs and symptoms, but can be transmitted from one person to another through sexual activity. You should also notice yourself for symptoms such as pain in the genitals, blisters, or sores, as they can be a sign of sexually transmitted infections.


Feeling lazy and needing to sleep after sex can be understood. But taking care of yourself is imperative. If you do not take care of yourself, it can lead to infections. For an expert opinion, you can visit the Best Sexologist in Islamabad.


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