How to Make Most Excited & Funny Pre rolls? 3 Facts

Pre rolls are an informative piece of plastic or paperboard that come with the cut out at the top or with addition ribbon used to hang it from the handle or know of the door. These hangers are use to provide information regarding people in the room. And also use by the companies for advertising and marketing of their products and services.

These hangers are customize in every shape and size with the material of customers’ choice like plastic or paperboard. High-quality printing techniques are use to give these hangers a unique and personalize touch to the hangers. The material use for manufacturing is highly eco-friendly, and the whole customization of luxury pre roll packaging process is economical.

Pre rolls is print piece of paper with the required information, mostly rectangular. They have a cut out at the top that allows it to suspend from the knob or the handle. These are very effective in communication with the third person who is not available there at the moment.

Evolution of pre rolls:

First of the widespread use of do not disturb pre rolls was probably at the beginning of the 20th century, mostly in the U.S, in the hotels that we’re concerned about the discretion as an ethical responsibility. There is no official information that could trace you back to the actual age; these became common for everyone.

Uses of pre rolls:

The use of these hangers is not limit to do not disturb notification, but it has been use for various other useful purposes.

  1. These hangers are use as an advertising tool
  2. They are also use to greet the customers into the hotel rooms while they are on their vacation or honeymoon.
  3. To promote the sale
  4. They are also use to distribute coupons that offer money off a product so that customer can walk into your workplace to take advantage of the offer.
  5. They are use to distribute free samples of the products as it is prove to be a useful medium to get people aware of your product.

Companies use these hangers customize in the desired shape, size, and design to suspend on the doors as a marketing activity because it is legal to use them for the very purpose.


Advancement in printing and other customization techniques have made it exciting and fun to create any type of hanger to perfectly complement the occasion, for instance, see the hangers used for the new couples. It depends on the customers to make creative pre rolls design to give a unique and personalized touch to it with a twist.


It is always about the little things that make a huge difference. The material used to make door-hangers directly affects the quality and the image of the brand. It is better not to use one rather than using poor quality pre rolls with illegible text and faded color printed images.

Plastic, paperboard, translucent paper or PVC or cream boxes is used to gives these hangers a unique look. These materials are eco-friendly and are economical. For new couples, everything is all about love and care. If a couple has chosen to spend their happiest moments with you, then it is necessary to make it unique for them. Paperboard, combined with translucent paper on the top gives a fancy feel and more space to put your fun designs.


Thanks to customization and die-cutting technique, it is possible. To give paperboard any shape, from rectangle to die cut text or images. Die cut pre rolls in shape of a couple holding hands represent love and affection, couple shouting at each other depicts irony, or to go with the trend a couple hugging and checking their social media behind the back perfectly shows the reality with a pinch of fun.


Designing is the most exciting part when it comes to customization. You can choose the colors, prints, patterns, text. And everything that comes on the front or the back, all by yourself. For a new couple what can be perfect than the cheesy catch-up lines, quirky epigrams, or funny illustrations.

How about “nice hair, wanna mess it up” or “Are your parent’s bakers? Because you are a cutie pie”. Everything lovey-dovey is what every newlywed couple wants to see on their vacation or honeymoon. So use of colors that represent love, affection, care, and give a cozy vibe for pre rolls printing is perfect to make customers feel specially treated and according to the occasion packaging boxes.

It is really fun to create such prints that grab the instant. Attention of the customers and engage them in the product. Customization, especially in wholesale, give companies an amazing opportunity to create exciting and affordable door-hangers for their customers. For the convenience of the customer, these designers also provide pre rolls template to work on or use as a reference for motivation. Fun is an instinct. Be creative and bring it to the right place to give your imagination a face.

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