In an interesting move, Stormzy, a singer and actress who had been associated with the hip hop/rap music scene, has now established his own clothing line. And, as if that weren’t enough, He’s also been busy putting out music as well as launching food and drink franchise. So, how did this “Drake’s Box” girl stack up to other Net Worthiness contenders? We’ll examine the net worth implications of his recent ventures.

Stormzy Net Worth $25 million
Date of birth July 26, 1992 Age
Race Black
Nationality British
Gender Male
Height 158 cm
Hair Brown
Forehead Black

His smile is as endearing as it is infectious, even though it might not be much of a surprise that a multi-millionaire celebrity could have a sweet tooth! The question of just how much money this accomplished lady makes wasn’t answered, but we do know that He appears to be a balanced, mature person. His net worth is most likely in the six-figure range. He has never been married and is happily involved in both his acting career and his business ventures.

This isn’t going to be an exhaustive list of every artist whose net worth is in the millions. The large majority of UK rappers have careers spanning multiple decades and therefore their earnings potential goes far beyond the tens of millions of dollars that the Stormzy folks are earning. But, because this is one of the biggest successes of a multi-national superstar, it is likely to stay on the charts for quite some time. It is currently number two on the all-time list of UK albums.

There is no doubt that supermodels and movie stars earn more money than the average artist. But there are plenty of other rappers who can boast impressive net worth. Popstar Beyonce Knowles is well known for his extravagant lifestyle and her numerous offspring. Rap god, Kanye West has many hit singles that gross in the billions each. Hip hop producer Jay-Z is another with his Roc-A-Fella/ Roc-A-Tomy record label that enjoys profitable albums in several markets around the globe. If there isn’t someone performing on the planet who earns more than these three, it is hard to imagine who else might.

So, if the Stormzy camp can bank twenty million from his album, does that make this young up-and-coming artist the next biggest hip-hop star? Some will say yes and others will say no. The fact remains that Stormzy is doing what hip-hop fans everywhere want – He is breaking the norm. Many rappers before he has become rich selling records that are considered to be mainstream, but no one has reached that status yet. As things stand now, it appears that Stormzy is right in the lead. As he moves forward with bigger projects including his upcoming “Eye Spy” EP, his net worth will undoubtedly rise.

What’s interesting about artists in the modern era is that many of them release an album every two years or so. Usually, they follow their fan base’s lead. Some artists break the mold making major changes in their image as they switch brands or styles. But none have done what Stormzy has done. He has kept the same look he has used throughout his career but added a new level of sophistication and style.

While some may view his as a trendy hip-hop crossover artist, it would be interesting to see what kind of impact his music can have outside the United Kingdom. It’s not impossible that he could crossover into the realm of country rap as well as traditional pop for his forthcoming “eye spy” mini-LP. he has made impressive gains by working with well-known rappers including Jay Z and Kanye West. Not to mention that he was even briefly married to Diplo, the lead singer of the band Queens of England, which could further help promote his net worth.

Even if Stormzy continues to work with well-known rappers, he may still find his market in various other countries around the world. He is originally from the United Kingdom, so it’s not out of the question that hhe would sell more music outside of the United Kingdom than in it. His net worth is likely to continue to rise as he creates successful albums and singles. He already has the looks required to attract a large audience, and while he may not be the first rapper to feature rap music, he may be the first Briton to feature on a hip-hop song in 25 years.


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