Search engine optimization, popularly known as SEO, definitely does not depend on the framework in which your website is built.

However, the right choice of a development framework can make your website SEO friendly. For example, a Laravel PHP base website will help you easily generate SEO friendly URLs.

SEO agencies that have work with Laravel or any season digital marketer will appreciate the amount of SEO effort that can be save by optimizing old dynamic URL structures as shown in the following example:


An application built in Laravel can be structure to have its profile url as https: //yourdomain.tld/user/profile

But if you are not using a framework, you may end up with:
https: //yourdomain.tld/components/profile.php

The structure of URLs is known to have a profound impact on the user experience, rankings, and link exchange of any website. You can check out this Moz blog to fully understand in detail the impact of website URL structure on SEO.

Now, having set the context of doing SEO on a PHP-base website, let’s open this blog to discuss:


  • SEO tools for Laravel websites,
  • Helpful Tips for Laravel Developers to Build Faster Web Applications,
  • Associations of digital agencies for SEO maintenance.

Laravel SEO Tools: Overview, Advantages

How many of us are familiar with Yoast SEO and its inevitable integration with WordPress websites?

We’re pretty sure all of you are.

Yoast SEO offers simple and easy SEO control in WordPress CMS for non-programmers. On the other hand, SEO for a website built with PHP (Hypertext Preprocessing), like Laravel, has to be done from scratch. Being just web development in Lahore framework, your client or webmaster has no control over meta headers and descriptions, unlike WordPress Yoast.


To solve this problem, we have list some popular community sponsore SEO tools that work very well with Laravel development.

  • Digital Dreams is available as a Laravel SEO package. It is ideal for content authors/administrators/webmasters who are not familiar with the code but want to edit/update SEO tags via the control panel.
  • Here is a package called Laravel Meta Manager. It is an SEO tool that adds recommend meta tags to your application. It includes recommended meta tags like Standard SEO, Dublin Core, Facebook OpenGraph, Twitter Card.
  • You can follow this link to implement this SEO package in your Laravel application.
  • The most popular SEO plugin for Laravel 5.8+ and Lumen is artesaos / seotools. Check out the video tutorial below to configure artesaos / seotools in Laravel applications.

Also, click this link to explore 20+ open source tools create by remote Laravel developers for SEO on your Laravel-built websites.


Comment on Quora about SEO

A popular comment on Quora about SEO for Laravel sites that’s worth reading:

“More than On-Page SEO, Off-Page works better for the Laravel website. I start to see the result when I start submitting the website on the high domain authority websites, even when I regularly update the meta tags on every page of the website. “

Use the Google Search Console tool regularly to see if you are getting accurate results.

For the main PHP website, you can start with the design and development of the website and then start the SEO work. In general, you can start with SEO with the following points


Keyword research and analysis

Content optimization and outline markup

Competition analysis

Changes in URL structure

404 error page optimization and broken links

Title Tag, Description
Tag, Alt Tags (LSI base)

Also, follow our checklist on local SEO services.
You will also find our detail guide on website redesign more useful.

New Laravel Features for SEO and Digital Marketing

Laravel is not the only PHP framework available on the market. You can use CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Zend Framework, etc. However, Google Trends suggests that Laravel is the only PHP framework that has explode in popularity in the last 5 years.


Moderné podniky sa pri vývoji webových stránok čoraz častejšie obracajú na rámec Laravel. Z našich skúseností s vývojom a SEO optimalizáciou webových stránok postavených na Laravel sme zistili, že webové stránky Laravel ponúkajú:

  • High-end security with authentication and authorization code
  • System creation authentication
  • Web applications run faster
  • Simple URL routing method
  • Website automation test

All of the above factors are known to improve technical SEO, plus off-page SEO elements.


A particular case is SEO for e-commerce websites create within the Laravel framework.

Progressive Web Applications (PWA) combine with Laravel’s dynamic framework can create a powerful e-commerce website. Not only does it improve page speed and reduce bounce rates, but it’s also great for a better user experience. It will also have a direct impact on the SERP from an SEO point of view.

Additionally, multi-language support, customizable themes, SEO-ready tools, and a unique caching system help create a user-responsive website within the Laravel framework.


For example, AliExpress has seen a staggering 104% increase in its conversion rates for users who visit through its progressive app.

We have found a useful resource on Quora that we think could help digital marketers better optimize SEO on a PHP website. Check it out!

Exclusive Tips for Laravel Developers: Plan for SEO Optimization During Development and Production

Companies prefer Laravel for its large and medium-size backend development. On the other hand, SEO constitutes an important strategy of any frontend development. However, here are some tips you can follow to make Laravel websites faster and thus optimize efforts for SEO.


SEO does not change for any backend framework you have use. You just need to make sure that all the optimization on the page is in place and that your code is clean, responsive and optimized.

1. Use caching in production:

You should be aware that each time you start your Laravel application, your application determines the middleware, resolves aliases, route groups, and identifies controller action and parameter entries for each entry of the route.

It is a redundant process that could affect the speed of your application. Use the following tips:

  • You can bypass route processing by caching all routes running this code: // php artisan route: cache
  • You can skip the config file and .env files, use the following code: // PHP artisan config: cache
  • Use config () to access .env variables and avoid using env (). Because you have cache the configuration file. Using the env function will simply defeat the purpose of caching.
  • Cache your sheet template views using: // php artisan view: cache
  • To cache a manifest of all events and listeners in your application, run: // php artisan view: clear

2. Remove Composer development dependencies –

You may be using some development packages to keep track of queries or other development stuff. However, this should be limit to the development stage and not carried over to the production stage.


Just run a single command in production: // composer install –prefer-dist –no-dev -o

3. Use the Redis, Memcache, or dynamo DB driver – 

choosing the right cache, queue, and drivers can make a difference in application performance.

  • In production, use in-memory cache drivers.
  • Use the Redis, SQS or Beanstalkd drivers for queueing tasks, such as sending emails, connecting to third-party APIs, downloading large files or updating search indexes. Database drivers are not suitable for production use.
  • For sessions, use database drivers, Redis, Memcached, or DynamoDB.

4. Remove unused services – All unused services in your product go to config / app.php
So please comment on these services during development and do not use them in the production stage.

5. Use laravel ORM on the query without format: laravel comes with eager load (ORM), so use it, avoid writing your own query format.

6. Asset minification and grouping: Laravel compiles all your CSS and provides a single app.css file, thus reducing multiple HTTP requests to one. Also, remove all unuse CSS from your project using the laravel-mix-purge CSS package.

Also, if you are a remote/independent Laravel developer, connect with our in-house team to learn, build, and share your experience working with us.

Choose WDCL for Efficient Results – 360 * Website Redesign and SEO Maintenance

We generally recommend WordPress to revamp business websites. However, each project we undertake is unique. We thoroughly analyze the size of the project, the need and recommend any other suitable framework according to the demands.

For companies looking to develop bigger and better web applications, Laravel is known for offering:

  • Flexible and Custom Application Support – Laravel’s extensive pre-install authorization libraries have the ability to create and support a variety of websites ranging from e-commerce to simple professional websites. This has also increased the demand for third-party custom application development that can be further use to add functionality to the Laravel website.
  • Easy website maintenance – Laravel features like clean code, MVC (separation of logic and representation) architecture, and OOP principles make Laravel websites easy to maintain over time.
  • Cost-effective website – The cost of hiring a good Laravel developer to build your website is always factore in. However, the overall cost is largely offset by the lower development costs.
  • Scalable Solution: A website built in Laravel can handle website requests much faster than most other frameworks, thanks to its unique message queuing system.
  • SEO friendly: Laravel supports caching your website out of the box, which is great for increasing site speed. This makes Laravel a great option for SEO purposes.


However, using Laravel will not make your website discoverable or recognizable in search engines. You will have to add your website through Webmaster Tools, upload a sitemap, use meta tags and do everything else that is normally require for good search engine optimization.

WDCL is proud to offer website redesign, SEO implementation, and maintenance services. We place a lot of emphasis on SEO maintenance because search algorithms change over time and therefore your website must be align with it for best results. You can also seek our help in white label partnerships for Laravel projects.

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